10+ Tools to Help Mom Business Owners Simplify, Streamline, Save time

People who juggle motherhood and owning a business have specific needs that come with combining two incredibly challenging things. They need things to work, to be efficient, to save them time, and to be easy to use and access.

In this blog post, we have grouped several tools and apps MOB Nation members use and recommend – along with a few testimonials from MOBs themselves about their favorites!

Social Media & Email


This is quickly becoming a small business owner’s all-in-one tool!

You may know you can create quick, polished graphics, but did you also know you can create workbooks, websites, business cards, videos, and slide presentations, too?

In addition to what you can make in Canva (nearly everything), you can now schedule your creations directly from Canva to the social media platform of your choice.

Although the Canva app isn’t as easy or intuitive as the Canva website, they are upgrading it often.


This is a great app for creating quick text graphics on the go.

You’ll find over 200,000 free images to use as backgrounds as well as a selection of fonts, colors, and textures that give you enough freedom to create something unique, but not so many choices you can’t decide.

The image below was made with WordSwag.

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One of the things MOB marketing pros universally recommend is having your own email list to connect directly with your clients. This puts you in control of when you reach out to your clients instead of relying on social media and changing algorithms.

MailerLite is similar to MailChimp in pricing, but is generally considered easier to use and has a clear pricing structure.

Nervous about switching email service providers? Switching is faster and easier than you think!

Not sure if you need an email list or what do with the one you have?Listen to this podcast by MOB COO, Gwen Montoya to learn more!

Business Tools


At first glance, Airtable may just look like a pretty spreadsheet, but don’t be fooled. This is a powerful tool that integrates  with almost everything other tool you can think of (and if doesn’t, there’s probably a Zapier application for it)

“The free level of Airtable is really powerful. I use it to organize all of my clients’ blog subscriptions, and I can share it all with my other writers. It’s where I track due dates, when the writer is paid, where in the process each blog post is, etc. I love it!†– Kristin Rattan, Kristin Rattan Content Services


Project management tools like Clickup (or Asana or Trello or even Airtable) are a must for busy MOBs!

Clickup has a fantastic onboarding series, intuitive design and interface, and a little bit of a creative flair that will make project management anything but dull.

Beyond that it is flexible enough to work well for the solo user or a larger team.

 ZoomAt this point, Zoom is in everyone’s toolbox, but it still earns a mention here because it is so easy to use and offers so much value for the price.

The MOB Nation has been hosting virtual Meetups via Zoom since 2019. For Meetups, the breakout rooms allow small groups of MOBs to network with each other before returning to the main “roomâ€

Enhanced security features and easy to use controls make running virtual events simple and effective.


If you are looking for a podcast host, Simplecast may fit your needs.

This is the platform that hosts the MOB podcast,MOBcast Radio, as well as several other podcasts hosted by MOBs.

Simplecast makes it easy to upload your podcast and create show notes. If you’re ready to have your podcast listed on Apple, Spotify, and other places someone can listen to your podcast, Simplecast has clear instructions that will make getting your podcast heard fast and easy.


2020 necessitated a huge shift from in-person conferences to virtual conferences. Some conference hosts simply used Zoom or another webinar platform.

Here at the MOB Nation, we wanted a solution we felt brought some of the fun and spontaneity of in-person conferences to the virtual space.

Hopin has options for virtual vending booths that include an option to chat with the vendor, main stage and backstage areas for speakers, and even a fun speed networking function that is one of the highlights of every MOBCON Mini!

MOB Nation Directory

Online directories are a way for mom owned businesses to be found by potential clients and collaborators.

The MOB Nation directory is the largest mom-owned business directory in the United States and, unlike some business directory listings, is fully searchable by the public. MOB directory listings also have space social media links, full descriptions, photos, and reviews.

Learn more about being listed in the MOB Directory.

Time Organization


While there are many calendar scheduling options, Calendly is one of the simplest to use and integrates well with other apps and platforms.

It is extremely user friendly and you can set up your calendar in just a few minutes. At the paid level you have more options including payment at the time of scheduling.


Cozi is designed to keep a calendar everyone in your family can use and update as needed.

Color coding family members means it is easy to see which appointment or event is for which person.

Cozi is my brain, without it I have no idea where I am supposed to be or when. It makes it easy for my husband and I to add events, notify the other person that an event is added, and lets you add lists (grocery, to dos, etc) so there’s no more “I’m running to Fred Meyer, what do you need?” – AnneMarie Ketterman, Whimsy Burrow Children’s Resale

Grocery Delivery & Meal Package/Prep Services

The one thing mom business owners always need more of is time. Using services like grocery delivery or curbside pick up can save you hours each month.

You can even go further and use a meal prep service to make several meals at once, a meal kit service that delivers the raw ingredients needed for a meal or even a meal delivery service where the entire meal is delivered cooked and ready to eat.

And, of course, getting the whole family involved in meal planning and preparation is also a time saver.

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