15 Ways to Support Mom Owned Businesses

It seems especially fitting to start MOBtober right after MOBs from across the country joined us virtually for MOBCON 2020.

What is MOBtober?

MOBtober is the month we challenge you to discover and support Mom Owned Businesses!

Part of the MOB Nation’s mission is elevating and supporting mom-owned businesses. ​MOBs can be found in every niche and business type – whatever product or service you need, there’s a MOB for that!

When you support a mom owned business you are empowering a mom to provide for her family, follow her dream, give back to her community, and to support other Mom Owned Businesses (MOBs) in the same way she was supported. 

For example, when you spend $100 with a local business, $68 of that $100 stays in the community in the form of taxes, wages, and making purchases. When you spend $100 with a national store, only $43 stays in the community.

When you purchase from a woman owned business you contribute to having unique businesses and locally made products available in your community.

Small and local businesses support community groups, local sports teams, and charities 250% more than corporations and are more involved in their communities overall.

Check out the MOB Facebook page for daily action steps and chances to learn about mom owned businesses this month!

If you need help finding a mom-owned business to support, check out our directory at www.theresamobforthat.com or download the MOB Nation app.

Here’s how you can support small woman owned businesses in October!

Make Your Next Purchase from a Mom Owned Business
When you purchase from a small business an actual person does a happy dance.​
Listen to a Podcast Hosted by a Mom
Here’s a list to get you started!

Find a MOB podcast you love? Go further by subscribing and leaving a review

Pay Full Price
Be respectful of the time and effort a MOB puts into her business. Don’t ask for a discount or a “friends and family” price.
Follow, Share, and Interact with Them on Social Media
There are so many ways to support a small business on social media!

Follow them on Facebook and Instagram, subscribe to their YouTube channel, sign up for or share their virtual event.

Following and engaging with your favorite mom owned business on social media helps improve their reach and connect them with more of their audience.

Even better, when you share a post from your favorite small business, you introduce them to a new audience (yours!)

Purchase a Book Written by a MOB
There is no shortage of talented moms writing books – purchase a book and leave a review if you love it.

Here’s a list of books written by MOBs to get you started.

Even better – send a message to the author directly letting them know you enjoyed it.

Be a Vocal Supporter
Leaving a review is one of the best things you can do for a mom owned business – not only does it make them feel good, it also helps them attract new customers and clients.

Get into the habit of not only buying from a MOB, but also leaving a review!

Order a Meal from a Mom Owned Restaurant
This is the tastiest  and easiest ways to support a small business!

Order your next lunch or dinner from a mom owned restaurant.

Even better – order it directly by calling them and pick it up yourself. Fees for meal delivery services like Grub Hub are high for businesses.

​Share a MOB’s Blog Post
Small business owners write about all kinds of topics.

When you read something by a MOB that you love, share it!

Purchase Your Next Gift from a MOB
Whatever gift or holiday you are shopping for, there’s a MOB for that!

​Not sure what to buy? Ask the MOB for gift suggestions (after all, she’s a pro at at what she sells) or purchase a gift certificate for later use.

Tell a Friend About Your Favorite Mom Owned Business
Don’t be shy about shouting out your favorite small businesses! Tell everyone!

Go further and tell lots of people! Shout them out on social media or include them in a list of your favorite mom owned businesses.

Did you snap a food or coffee picture the last time you supported a mom owned restaurant or coffee shop? Share it!

Do you have a necklace you love or earrings you always wear purchased from artist? Share it!

Do you have a “can’t live live out” lotion, face cream, or other product made or sold by a MOB? Share it!

Switch Out One Item You Normally Buy from a Big Box Retailer or Grocery Store
You’d be amazed at how many grocery store items can be purchased from a mom!

Try switching out one product every month and after a year, you’ll have switched to supporting twelve mom-owned/made products each month!

You’ll cut down on trips to the grocery store, too!

Be a Connector
Do you know someone who would love a MOB’s product? Tag the friend in a post or send them an email with the link to the product/service.

Tag or share the name of your favorite mom owned business the next time someone is looking for a product or service the MOB sells.

Do you have a collaboration or referral that would be great fit for a MOB? Be a connector!

Hire a MOB the Next Time You Need a Service
Whatever service you’re looking for, there’s a MOB for that!

Mom business owners are lawyers, CPAs, electricians, plumbers, doctors, nutritionists, stylists, photographers, and so much more.

​Use our mom owned business directory (the largest in the United States) to find the service provider you need!

Sign Up for a MOB Email List
A great way to stay connect to your favorite mom owned business is to sign up for the email list. That way you won’t miss an update or a chance to support them!
Send Them a Note of Encouragement
Owning a business has highs and lows. It can be challenging and lonely. Let them know you appreciate them with a quick message.
Commit to Supporting Small Businesses All Year
MOBtober only lasts for 31 days, and we hope it inspires you to think more about where you spend your money and the types of businesses you support.


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