8 Simple Ways to Support Mom Business Owners

Looking for ways to support your favorite businesses? Here are eight of our favorite ways to do that!
Tell others about their business and why you love them!
Don’t keep your favorite mom-owned business a secret!

Word of mouth is crucial, so make sure you are tagging them in social media posts, sharing their name with friends, and sending potential customers their way.

Leave a Five Star Review
Like word of mouth, reviews are incredibly important to businesses to help build trust and earn new customers and clients.

​Make sure you are leaving reviews for mom-owned businesses whenever (and wherever) you can!

Make a Purchase at Full Price
Asking for discounts from small businesses – especially when they are friends or family – don’t help them. Pay full price and show them what real support and respect of their work looks like.
Follow, Share, Comment, and Like Their Social Media Posts
If you’re not a small business owner, you may not be familiar with how impactful  sharing, following, commenting, and interacting with social media posts can be for your favorite mom-owned businesses. Trust us, it matters!
Shop the Largest Mom Owned Business Directory
The MOB Nation is home to thelargest mom-owned business directory. You’ll find hundreds of businesses spanning nearly every service or product you could need.

The directory is searchable by business name, keyword, and location. If you’d like to learn more about listing your mom-owned business, you can do that here.

Send Them Referrals
This is your chance to play business matchmaker!

Connect your favorite businesses so they can collaborate, send them referrals, look for ways to connect them with opportunities.

Let Them Know You Are Thinking About Them
Let’s face it  – juggling raising kids and growing a business is hard. It comes with extra challenges, disruptions, and fractured focus.

If you have a friend who is a MOB (mom business owner), you probably already know how busy she can get.

So even if you haven’t heard back from her, send her a quick message checking in or asking her how she is doing. It will mean a lot to her – even if she doesn’t get back to you right away.

Stand with Them and Be an Ally
If your mom friend who runs a business is Black, Indigenous, a Person of Color, or part of the LGBTQIA+ community – they need you to step up and support them in extra ways – including not supporting corporations and businesses that promote or have a history of discrimination, being aware of laws passed in your state that could harm them or their families, and showing up for them when they ask.
Celebrate Them
Here’s to all the people keeping track of kids and inventory, creating videos in their car because that’s where it is quiet, taking leaps while maintaining boundaries, always growing, doing hard things, learning more than they ever wanted to about taxes, marketing, and algorithms so they can grow their business and meet their goals..

If you’d like to be a part of a community that celebrates you, join the MOB Alliance or attend a MOB Meetup.

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