9 Powerful Ways You Should Be Repurposing Your Company’s Blogs

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Most business owners know they should be blogging to build their brand authority and online presence. But crafting high-quality blogs that appease Google takes time and resources, so many entrepreneurs skip over them and place that marketing task gently on the back burner. Or not-so-gently.

Don’t do that! Write the blogs!

Your company’s blog has superpowers as long as you’re leveraging it correctly. Yes, long-form content takes more time to create than a tweet or a quick live video. But it is immensely valuable to your marketing, especially when you repurpose your blogs with intention.

Whether you write your blogs yourself or outsource that job, here are nine ways to leverage their content.

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1. Finally Write That Ebook

For ranking purposes, hefty blogs are where it’s at. So if you’ve already written 1000 words or more for a blog, why not then expand it into an ebook? By fleshing out the topic a bit and adding excellent graphics, you can have a digital download to use as a lead generation tool or a stand-alone product for sale on your website.

This repurposing is an excellent idea for blog articles that are good candidates for deep dives. If you finish a blog post feeling like, “I have so much more to say!” then an ebook might be just the right fit.

2. Create a Webinar

Take the topic and expertise from your blog post and turn it into a webinar. The odds are good that you have even more to teach than what’s in your article. So take all that information and offer it as a live 30-minute webinar to your audience.

Again, this can be a free lead gen opportunity to build your email list, or you can charge for it. Bonus points for recording it and then selling the recording as a download. Your blog is the gift that keeps on giving.

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3. Break It Up for Social Posts

A typical blog post of at least 1000 words is a treasure trove of social media opportunities. You can get at least a week of social posts from one article. By breaking down a blog into its building blocks, you will have content for days.

Did you write an article on The Top 10 Foods for Women In Their 40s? (If so, I assume nachos are on that list, because I’m in my 40s, and I love nachos, and don’t you dare tell me not to eat them.) You could then take each food on that list and create a social post on its benefits. Boom! Ten days of content.

4. Send It to Your Email List

Do you overthink what to write about in your email newsletters? And so then you don’t send anything at all? A quick email highlighting a few key points from your blog article is the perfect thing to send. Be sure to include a link to the full post to push readers to your website.

5. Distill It Into a Freebie

Just as you can expand a blog post into an ebook, so can you shrink it down into a freebie. This choice is particularly effortless if you have a guide or how-to as one of your blog articles. Strip out all the details from the post, and create a PDF with just the highlights. This type of simple lead magnet can be a powerful list builder.

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6. Take to the Microphone

If you have a podcast, expound upon your blog article for your listeners. Dig into the topic from your post and share it with your audience, adding details and stories to enhance it. 

Don’t have your own podcast? Shop the topic around to other podcasters to land an interview. This tactic is especially successful when using pillar content that shows your expertise and authority in your field.

7. Head to YouTube

Do you love being on video? Take the wisdom that you include in a blog post and share it in a video on YouTube. This is a spectacular way to use your articles because they can reach a totally different audience than your blog will. People who aren’t super into video will likely read your article. But those that aren’t big readers will probably consume (and share!) your video.

In fact, it’s also a great idea to go the other way with this. If making videos is your jam, it might work better for you to make the YouTube video first and then turn it into a blog post. No matter which order you go in, blogs and videos are perfect complements to each other. 

8. Repost the Heck Out of It

Once you go to the trouble of writing a blog post, be sure to share it all over. You can post a link to it on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google My Business. Share it from your Facebook and Instagram accounts or in any networking groups you’re part of, as long as that is within their rules. Don’t just leave your blog article sitting there, all unuseful. 

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9. Sell It

Corporations will purchase already-published blogs to use for their teams. Like, they will pay upwards of $1000 for an article. Obviously, this type of leveraging requires some legwork and making pitches to the right people. But it can have an enormous payoff for something you’ve already created.

Unleash Your Superhero Blog

So there you go. Now you know the power you have at your fingertips once you write a blog article. It goes beyond SEO and rankings. The real magic is in everything else you can do once you’ve written an article.

So go for it! Try out these tips for your content so you can leverage it, repurpose it, and make it work for you.

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Kristin owns Kristin Ratten Content Services, providing businesses with optimized blogs and website content, as well as email newsletters. If she’s not writing words, she’s likely drinking coffee and surviving eye rolls from her four teenagers.

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