Celebrating Women in Construction Week – MOB Style

The first full week in March is Women in Construction Week. This is a chance to highlight women in construction and their contributions.

Women in Construction Week was created by the National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC).

The NAWIC was created for many of the same reasons the MOB was created – it gave women a chance to network, learn, and receive both personal and business support.

This week, we’re thrilled to highlight MOBs (mom owned businesses) who are also in the construction industry!

Heather Sánchez-Gibson, Evolution Remodel

”I feel really powerful being in this male dominated industry. It is Girl Power at it’s finest and I am excited to be an inspiration for my own girls and other women out there. Life is what you make it so if you want it…go get it, girl!”

About Heather:

I am a wearer of many hats and love the spontaneity and adventure life has to offer. I am a mother of three, a wife, a realtor, a property manager and a contractor. Life is never dull and I prefer it that way!

In my spare time (and yes, I allow for spare time every week), I love to read, go for walks, seek out new restaurants, travel, dance, cook and laugh until my stomach hurts with friends. I stay grounded with meditation, music and movement.

What Heather loves about the work she does:
I love to find new projects and meet new people. I am always learning in every situation which I appreciate and anticipate as I grow as a professional and individual. I really love seeing the finished product and the happy look on people’s faces. I am honored to be a part of beautifying someone’s space.

Heather’s advice to her younger self:
Networking is key! Meeting other professionals, uplifting them, and referring business to them will energetically propel you forward. Keep giving and it will come back to you.

About the impact the MOB has had on her business:
I have met some amazing women in my industry and I am so appreciative of this. Not only do we refer business back and forth but they are a great support system and encouraging group. This brings a lot of joy to my life and business.


Tricia Johnson, PDX Arrow Painting & Construction LLC

“In the MOB I am around strong ‘Go To’ women that have the ‘like mind’ that has always set me apart. Finally I can have a community around me that gets my passion and desire.”

About Tricia:

“I am a mom of 4, my eldest daughter is 26 and married. My sons are 20, 14, and 9.  I love being active especially in Portland area with great trails and hiking. I started riding bikes with my boys. I love being in Portland for all it offers like trails, hiking, art, and beautiful scenery.  I also own PDX Arrow Painting & Construction here in Portland. I started out painting apartments and quickly moved to residential homes. Over the 23 years I have adjusted to managing and operating my company. I have had experiences from fine finish work, gold leafing, steeple jacking, commercial work and always residential painting and renovation.”

What Tricia loves about the work she does:

I love the creative side working with clients on style and design. I also love creating order. Taking spaces from the before to the after; not only takes organizing my team and scheduling, it transforms a space to a new order. I aim to make the remodel and painting process feel smoother. There is so much emotion that happens when, especially interior spaces, become chaos. Organizing the schedule for this to feel more comfortable and being understanding to my clients living in a transitional phase of their home.

It has been my goal to create connections, support and improve my community, and offer a company experience that leaves people feeling calm and respected.

Tricia’s advice to her younger self:

There are so many moments that give doubt. It’s a part of working in a competitive field. I live by the idea that there is always enough work for everyone. I aim to get the projects that fit my company and that means some projects are not meant for me.

Learn to budget, set aside project money, and reinvesting back into the company so you can better balance your income. Set goals and decide how growth will look for you.

About the impact the MOB has had on her business:

I run a women-owned business in a man’s field. It leaves me working around a lot of men. As a single mom, I don’t have time outside of work to socialize or really have friends when I am working a lot. The MOB has connected me with women who have become social and business friends. I am in a community of moms and women that give me some connection with my feminine side.  I love how the women in the MOB want to support each other and even when we are in the same field can be supportive of each other – there is plenty of work for each of us!


Hannah Woods, Serenity Windows LLC
“Being able to do things the way I want. Having that control in my life has been life altering; it has empowered me and stimulated an abundance of personal growth.”

About Hannah:

I am a hardworking, work from home, homeschooling, mother of four. I’m a persistent overachiever who is still learning to embrace self care and how to say no. I was raised in the construction industry but never thought I would stay in it. I have been a licensed general contractor for nearly a decade and have done everything from the ground up. When I made the switch to only windows and doors it was one of the hardest business decisions I have ever had to make; I only wish I had done it sooner. I am now able to focus and grow my company in a solid direction that aligns with my personal goals.

What Hannah loves about the work she does:

I started my first construction company so that I could be a stay at home (work from home) mom. Being able to be home with my children has always been my driving force. And my children are who eventually pushed me to find my path to windows. After a pregnancy scare with my youngest child, I had to face the fact that I was working myself into the ground and it was time to make a serious change. That change took time, and a lot of back and forth; which led to opening my new company during a global pandemic. It has been quite an adventure to say the least. And throughout the chaos I have started to find my new calm.

I have always enjoyed helping people.  Windows aren’t just something you want; they are something you need. They dramatically increase the comfort of your home and atmosphere. I enjoy bringing that serenity to people’s homes. From picking out the product; to the install, I am there every step of the way helping my clients have the best possible experience.

Hannah’s advice to her younger self:

Don’t be afraid of change – with growth comes change, new dreams, and so many wonderful possibilities.

About the impact the MOB has had on her business:

As a woman in a male dominated industry the MOB has given me so many great connections to other women in the industry who I have built wonderful relationships with.


Ashley Ortiz, Bella Vista Painting & Drywall

“Others in the same industry are not your competition/enemy, they are your community. Unify it. Lift it up together!”

About Ashley:

I own Bella Vista Painting & Drywall with my husband, Luis. I have 3 beautiful children, two boys,  13 and 9, and one girl, 12. I live in Vancouver, WA and love all things black, shopping,  food and MOB-ing!! I love to support other women in business and help lead them to the right places to network!

What Ashley loves about the work she does:

Meeting people and wowing them with the transformations.

Ashley’s advice to her younger self:

Don’t underprice yourself! Price your worth and the right clients will come.

About the impact the MOB has had on her business?

The MOB has literally grown my business from day one!! My very first client was a MOB and I will always be grateful! I track my sales referral source and everything always ties back to MOB! My largest supporters/referral always ties back to the MOB!


Alison Brown, Roof Rite Services, Inc.

“If you feel inspired to do something, do it!”

About Alison:

I’m a nearly 40 year old, adventurer at heart, Oregonian, mother of 3 and wife to Trent, the other owner of our business. I love being independent and in control of my own destiny.

What Alison loves about the work she does:
We love being able to interact with so many people and provide such an essential and important service.

Alison’s advice to her younger self:
Don’t be afraid to take risks, but be wise about it. Stay out of debt! Take networking seriously and use it to grow your business.

About the impact the MOB has had on her business:
The MOB has been key to helping us grow our business not only through customer referrals, but in finding a lot of other services to grow our business in addition to the educational opportunities available.


Michelle Maryatt,  Budget Blinds of Central Portland

About Michelle:
My first loves are my three kiddos and my amazingly supportive husband.  One is in college, one is in high school, and I have a first grader who keeps me young and on my toes!  I have owned Budget Blinds Central Portland for 16 years. Started in partnership with my parents, who are now retiring, we have an office and showroom in close-in NE Portland.  If not designing and managing the business, you can find me at the Oregon Coast taking long beach walks and hunting for agates.

What Michelle loves about the work she does:

I love helping clients make their house a home!  We do more than just cover a window.  We provide privacy, light control, security, warmth and beautiful design.  You can change the whole look and feel of a room with window treatments.  Being invited into someone’s home to help them is such a privilege.  I don’t take it for granted!

Michelle’s advice to her younger self:

Keep true to your vision.  Ask for advice from those whom you trust, but always know that you have the answer in you.  Always to the right thing and stay on point with your moral compass when dealing with clients.  Take the difficult things first and don’t procrastinate.  Last but not least- learn how to delegate the things you can!  You got this!

About the impact the MOB has had on her business:

I love being a part of a group of like minded empowered mom’s.  We are a force to be reckoned with!

Maria Amador, Rip City Roofing & Exteriors LLC

I’m so thankful to be in the MOB. It truly is life changing. I was ready to give up and then the MOB happened. I love learning about other MOBs and helping out as much as I can. I thought it was just me in the contractor business, but it turns out there are many of us and I love it!

About Maria:

I’m 29 and a mother of four boys. Family is everything to me. I love to learn about new things. I like challenges. I’ve had my company for three years. I just learned about the MOB and it has been life changing. I’m excited for what’s to come!

What Maria loves about the work she does:

I love that I can offer good quality labor, my foreman has more than 14 years of experience, and I know what is happening 100% of the time. I love that I control my business. I decide. I’m in charge. I’m the boss. Roofing is all men so I like that I’m different and can connect with women without feeling belittled by men. Knowledge is power and my powers are strong. My business has so much potential I can see it. I’m ready to grow.

Maria’s advice to her younger self:

Pay attention to marketing. I had no idea the difference marketing can make in a business!

About the impact the MOB has had on her business:

Since I joined the MOB in January, I’ve done five jobs and have three more starting this week. The MOB is a blessing.


Heather Stephens, NorAm Financial Services, Inc

About Heather:

Mrs. Stephens received her Accounting Associate of Applied Science and Business Administration Associate of Applied Science degrees from Clark College—and has more than 15 years of accounting experience. Mrs. Stephens is a certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor, IRS tax returner preparer and is a National Notary Association-certified notary.

She also has extensive experience with certified-prevailing wage payrolls, as well as construction- and manufacturing-specific job cost bookkeeping. In her spare time, Mrs. Stephens tries to keep up with her ever-growing (extremely active) daughter Brooklyn, enjoys watching Formula 1 racing, plays tennis and has started golfing.

What Heather loves about the work she does:

I love being able to provide financial clarity to my clients. Showing them how important it is to budget, job cost, and read financial reports brings such a sense of accomplishment when it all clicks.

Heather’s advice to her younger self:

Focus on what you bring to the table. It’s okay to outsource things in your business so you can build your business.

About the impact the MOB has had on her business:

The MOB network has been instrumental to my business health and community. I’ve met some amazing colleagues and they believe in community over competition.


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