Dianna Fontes, Artist of the Month

Each month the MOB Nation collaborates with a different MOB Alliance artist. The featured artist is asked to share a piece that shows what the MOB means to them. This art piece is placed on limited edition mugs in the MOB Shop that are only available during the month they are featured. Go here to see this Dianna Fontes MOB collaboration mug.

The March Artist of the Month is Dianna Fontes, artist, creator, and astrologer.

Dianna lives in the Pacific Northwest and is mom to her daughter, son, nephew, and three black cats. She loves collaborations, event planning, reading, gardening and tending to her compost bins & worms.

“I’ve always been an artist/creative person and that comes with flying from project to project. I’ve owned my own business for over 20 years but that business had morphed and changed. Being a professional creative, astrologer, and witch is me in my purest form. I feel like I am finally doing the work I am meant to do. I love helping others connect to their unique work (I call it WeRK) and gifts. It’s so Magical to be able to validate that we’re all creative and Magical,” she explains.

Although Dianna is now inspired by Astrology, and how it connects to everything, she has always been an
artist. She says she is inspired to capture those astro energies in all of her art pieces. Her biggest inspiration is her daughter who is also an artist and creative.

“I am also really inspired by Amanda Drew’s from Buzzy’s Bees because the program she’s created is so healing and magical. She is a great creative collaborator, especially since the work I create for Give Grief a Voice is so huge,” says Dianna.

When asked who she looks up to she names her longtime friend and MOB founder, Aria Leighty.

“It might seem cheesy but I always look up to Aria, in all the ways but especially creatively. She’s so inspiring and motivational generally but as far as my art is concerned I know I wouldn’t be here doing this WeRK if she hadn’t been there for me the last few years. Everyone else in my life has given up on me or encouraged me to get a “real job” but she always kept pushing me to keep going, to keep pulling up new layers of my creative self. I love and appreciate her so much and we’re all so lucky she’s here doing this empire building for us.”

When things are hard or challenging Dianna says knowing her own birth chart helps her see that she is here to compost pain and struggle into art and expressions that help others. She says “ I am here to make the dark times easier to walk through. When I am struggling I can always come into my studio and find a project that helps me pick apart what’s going on and process it. That usually ends up creating some pretty awesome art, too.”

She would advise her younger self to work with professionals instead of attempting to do it all herself.

“Hire professionals to set you up. Do not DIY everything. It is NOT cheaper. It’s not. Collaborate with others in your industry more and lean on those people as friends, too. There is a lot of distrust in capitalism and that distrust has been woven heavily into women especially. Seeing so many women trust other women and to see those old systems broken down has been so healing for me and I think for a lot of women In the MOB. We’re so much stronger when we work together and support each other.”

Dianna says she wouldn’t have her business, AstroArtistry, without the MOBNation because of the support and referrals she has received as well as the ongoing support and space to be herself.

“Building a unique, extremely WOO business like mine is hard. Really, really hard. Not just because our culture struggles with Magical things but it’s literally hard to get a merchant services account when you’re categorized as a “psychic services” business. The fact that so many MOBs have supported me, given me referrals, and shared my work far and wide is the reason I have been so successful. I know a lot of other professionals in this business and they struggle without all the referrals I get regularly. Nevermind all the goods and services I purchase in support of my own health, wellness and business. I have everything I need right here.”

Dianna says her favorite MOB Alliance benefit is the virtual Meetups. “I love Meet Ups, especially the virtual ones. I love that I’ve made these friendships all over the country that I never would have had without the virtual sessions. But obviously I love the education, the endless expert advice that everyone is carefully sharing so generously. It’s priceless really,” she explains.

Connect with Dianna:

Website – www.AstroArtistry.com

Learn more about her ComMOONity membership – https://www.astroartistry.com/moon-scopes

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