Bridgetown Pictures

Branding Photography and Videography

We help you create visual content that helps you confidently build your brand and grows your business.

Whether it’s helping you get in front of your perfect clients, telling your brand story, or giving you back hours of time that you spend trying to get the perfect selfie, we are here to help you reach your goals.

We primarily work with women-based businesses – including those who are doing it as a solopreneur, those who have a small team/business, and those who are fellow creatives.

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4 responses on “Bridgetown Pictures

  1. Evonne Serpa

    Hey, just had some great new photos taken by Jess. OMG I am so excited to use them. It was a great photo session. I hate having my photo take as do my children, but she made it a lot of fun and relaxing. Can’t wait to work with her more!! Thank you thank you!

  2. Karen Kennedy

    I was terrified of doing a branding shoot. I never thought I’d be “that kind of business”. Jessica held my hand the whole way. When I booked, she sent me suggestions on how to plan my wardrobe, she sent me a schedule, we talked about themes. She didn’t leave me hanging. Of course, I was still a pile of nerves when I landed in her studio with ALL THE CLOTHES. But she made me feel welcome and the SECOND I sat down in the hair and make-up chair, I felt like I was hanging out with friends. It was FUN! And let me tell you, my pictures turned out great. And she had them ready for me in DAYS… not weeks. I wish I could give six stars to Bridgetown Pictures.

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