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Hi! I’m Julie, a Pacific Northwest biz owner, wife, and mom. As a Creative Maker Coach, it’s my privilege to work with people who create amazing things but aren’t sure how to get their creations out into the world.

After all, making and marketing don’t always live in the same space in our brains. If they co-exist at all. So that’s where I come in!

Thanks to a degree in journalism with a public relations emphasis, I know what it takes to get your name and business out there in a competitive virtual marketplace. But I’m also an avid crafter, maker, designer, and creator. So I understand the heart-led work that goes into making something special that you want to share. Working with clients one on one gives me a chance to deeply understand my clients business goals and guide them toward goals that align with the business of their dreams. As an alternative to these personalized sessions, I also offer group coaching through a subscription based membership. Members of the group find an engaged community of makers ready to offer ideas and guidance to help them grow their businesses, as well as a variety of trainings offering simple strategies they can quickly implement to grow their businesses right now.

In addition to coaching makers, I also offer customized, bespoke branding design. This work involves an intense deep dive into a client’s business foundations so that I can create a comprehensive brand design that speaks clearly to their company’s strengths and offerings.

I have enjoyed a diverse, rainbow-colored list of job experiences over the years. At least, I’ve mostly enjoyed them. The one that involved filling out government orders for airplane glue? Meh. Not so much.

Working in real estate, retail, the craft industry, and the educational world have all built up my passion for helping business owners find, speak to, and nurture their ideal customers.

A Rainbow-Inspired Life
My background and expertise have brought me to this fantastic career as a Creative Maker Coach, living life in colorful, bold, sans serif fonts. I believe all of life should be bold and colorful, even your business life.

I grew up on the Oregon coast and now live just outside Portland, Oregon, with my husband, Dave, and our two kids, Delaney and Jake. We also have our fabulous fluffy muppet of a dog, Henley.

Knowing I’m from the Pacific Northwest, your first question might be, “Doesn’t it rain every single day there?” Yes, it rains a lot. Like, really a lot. But that only means we also get a bunch of rainbows, my favorite! In fact, you’re likely to find rainbows sprinkled liberally throughout my own branding.

In life and business, the rains come. But I’m here to make sure you can weather those storms to keep finding your rainbows.


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4 responses on “Creative Maker Coach

  1. Tori

    Julie is so knowledgeable and so generous with her expertise! I have gained so much knowledge about what it means to market and scale a small handmade business with her help. I highly recommend her Creative Maker Club!

  2. Candice luella chalmers

    I participate in Julies coaching group and love it because I feel like she’s on my team. As a maker I’m always stretched thin for time, working thru “Mom guilt” staying at home, crafting and being pulled in so many directions that it becomes difficult to prioritize. Julie lays things out with such knowledge, enthusiasm and simplicity that you could definitely learn from joining her sessions. I love that she’s been in so many places and condensed a ton of info all in one place for us to learn. Highly recommend!

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