Heather’s Treasures

I make handmade, unique gifts and treasures. I focus on all natural fabrics and materials, while being environmentally conscious by using all my materials wisely and in other creations. I am constantly experimenting and creating new items for you to enjoy.
I have always had a passion for making and crafting new things. I one day took a look around and wondered what did I want to do when I grew up? What gave me joy? The answer came…. crafting!
I started to make beeswax food wraps for my family, as I am constantly looking for ways to be more eco conscious. I started talking about them to friends and family passionately. An idea was born! I started selling to a few friends and I realized I could share these with others. With climate change and the destruction that plastic and microplastics have done to our environment, more and more people are looking for a more natural way to replace things like plastic wrap.
Now I add various ideas and crafts to my store that I have interest in and on my low waste/zero waste journey. I also have an eco blog on my website talking about sustainability and ways to be more eco conscious.

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3 responses on “Heather's Treasures

  1. Jessica Sneed

    Heather’s reusable water balloons are AMAZING! Eco-friendly, safe (they are soft so even the littlest kids enjoy tossing them and being hit by the balloon) and affordable. We have had so much fun as a family and with friends! Great summer birthday gift idea!!

  2. Kary Meredith

    Are you eco conscious? Are you looking for amazing products to reduce your carbon footprint? Heather has the most fabulous items for your home and family. From her beeswax wraps to her cotton rounds and even the re-usable paper towel rolls, Heather’s products will not disappoint. I love the variety of patterns and the many options that she carries. I use the cotton rounds daily and I love the little glass jars and the muslin wash bags that she includes so they don’t get lost in the wash. Every little touch she adds just shows how much care she puts into her products.

  3. Jenelle Woodlief

    Heather has a wide variety of quality, creative handmade items that promote eco-living and zero-waste. Awesome masks and dryer balls. The coolest eco-friendly water “balloons” for the summer and crocheted snowballs for indoor snowball fights. She’s super responsive to questions and custom requests and is a joy to work with!

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