Jessica Johns Design

Jessica is a muti medium artist specializing in watercolor with unique ink detailing, intricate mandalas and fun, quirky vinyl stickers. Original watercolors and prints are available often and she occasionally accepts commission requests.

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5 responses on “Jessica Johns Design

  1. Tori

    I absolutely LOVE Jessica’s watercolor + pen style of art! It’s so whimsical and heartfelt. I have a couple of her paintings on my wall and they brighten the entire space! Plus, Jessica is an amazing person, it’s an honor to have a piece of her energy on my wall!

  2. Jenelle Woodlief

    Jessica is such a talented and creative artist! Her use of color and whimsy really captivate me. I love following her on Instagram too! I have some of her art stickers and they’re so beautiful and high quality. I can’t wait to expand my collection of her work!

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