Kathryn’s Healthy Living with Arbonne

Kathryn Henderson Is a 6th grade science teacher who is passionate about the health of our Earth and the wellness of all of her people, a single mom of two littles (one by choice) – Bryant age 8 and Alexandra “Eckie” age 3, and an Independent Consultant and District Manager with Arbonne International.

If you haven’t heard of Arbonne yet it’s a highly regarded brand and a global business. As a brand, it’s a 40 year old vegan, B Corp certified company who offers toxin free products for the inside and out such as skin care, baby care, cosmetics, body/hair care, and nutrition that is certified vegan, gluten free, non GMO, and low glycemic. The ethics and purity of Arbonne is outstanding with over 2,000 harmful or potentially harmful ingredients banned from our products (higher than Europe standards.)

On the business side, Arbonne offers a mobile online franchise type opportunity that uses simple methods to educate people about Arbonne and healthy living. We have no territories and are able to build in 6 countries including US, UK, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and Poland and we are just beginning our global expansion. With part time hours, motivated health conscious and Earth caring people can build a successful side business and earn a little extra money using a provided simple business model. More information can be found at www.earnings.arbonne.com.

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2 responses on “Kathryn's Healthy Living with Arbonne

  1. Tori

    I have been LOVING and LIVING for the Energy Fizz, Superfoods Greens, GutHealth, and Protein shakes from Arbonne! I love that they are vegan, gluten free, taste SOOO GOOOD and that Arbonne has integrity in their initiatives to help reduce their carbon footprint.
    But more than that, I love how Kathryn suggests things based on your life. I have an outside-of-the-norm routine and Kathryn was able to work with me to find a way to keep myself hydrated and nourished in my whirlwind daily routine. And she is such a friggin pleasure to know, I’m so grateful for her friendship. I will follow Kathryn in anything that she does!

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