Lea K. Tawd Artist

I am an Artist, Reiki Master, and Author of “Creativity Unstuck: a toolbox for making more art.” I create heart-centered, spiritual artwork that explores the divine feminine and is infused with Reiki (RAY-key) energy healing. When you purchase a piece of original art from me, you are bringing that beautiful healing energy into your home! If you love my original work, you may want to consider a custom piece or a portrait as well. If you’re not ready for the investment in original art, I offer prints, journals, notecards and moon phase calendars.

You can find my original art, prints, moon calendars and more on my website at LeaKArts.com and I am on Instagram @LeaKTawdArtist.
Stay up to date with my work, get advanced notice of new products and your own free mini print (in the mail!) here: https://creativity.leakarts.com/inspired

What people are saying about my art:

“I simply love Lea and her work! She is such a sweet, gentle soul and her healing presence comes through in her art. I have some of her prints and get compliments on them in my space. I was recently honored to have Lea create a custom piece called “Return to Center” inspired by my work! It is absolutely beautiful and it was a joy to virtually get to see the phases of it in creation!”
Karen Asbury Integrative Bodywork on Wed Jul 28 2021

“What I love most about Lea’s artworks is her intentions behind them. Her heart and healing Reiki energy radiate from her art, and they are absolutely beautiful! She is an incredibly talented artist and everything she creates and beautiful and unique.”
Tori Daw on Thu Jun 3 2021

“I have several pieces of Lea’s art. They all send out a wave of healing energy when you look at them. Her prints are hand embellished & printed in a way that I would never have guessed they were prints. I am planning to commission one of her winged portraits for myself soon. I highly recommend working with Lea if you’re looking for one of those unforgettable, magical gifts!”
AstroArtistry by Dianna Fontes.Artist on Sun Apr 25 2021

“I purchased Lea’s Moon Phase Calendar and it is one of my favorite things that hangs in my work space. Her art is absolutely beautiful and she is so sweet. I can’t say enough amazing things about Lea and her work!”
Magic in the Making Inc on Sat Feb 27 2021

“Lea is a wonderful, creative and spirit lead artist who’s work is so unique.
I have also worked with Lea on a collaborative tea and she is such a delight to work with.”
Sally Keasler Mama-te-a on Sat Feb 27 2021

“I received a complimentary creative intention card from Lea and it is so lovely. It hangs near my work space to remind me to always work from a place of joy and creative spark!”
Sarah Peshek on Thu Dec 31 2020

“Lea’s work is outstanding. I can feel the love and intention in every purchase I make from her.”
Shannon Loucks on Sun Dec 20 2020

Looking for my distance Reiki sessions, Reiki classes, and group healing sessions? Just click the “Reiki” link on my website to book a session or to get more information.

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4 responses on “Lea K. Tawd Artist

  1. Tori

    Lea’s art is beautiful and always tells a story. The stories that her art tells are stories of love, support, intuition, and wisdom. I love every piece of art I see Lea create.

  2. Jenelle Woodlief

    Wow. I have so much to say about Lea, such a magical and special human. As an artist, Lea is unbelievably talented, gifted, and creative. Just look at her work, it’s incredible. There is so much deep emotion radiating through her art, and the rich colors and textures make them so vibrant and really draw me in to every single one. When you learn that she infuses everything she creates with Reiki, the energy healing medicine, it makes sense. Her art literally is Reiki in physical form. Every single piece she has created makes me feel something very deep and I want to have her art everywhere in my house. I just ordered her new moon calendar for 2022 and it’s stunning. I cannot wait to build a collection of her paintings for my home and office. I highly recommend Lea to everyone who is looking for deeply meaningful art, anyone curious about Reiki, and anyone who wants to connect with a beautiful person. Lea’s instagram is awesome too, a great way to connect with and follow her. I’m so grateful that the MOB connected me with Lea and I want everyone to know her!

  3. Angela Thompson

    My life has been changed forever by the art and energy of Lea. As my Reiki instructor, she has opened my mind, heart and spirit to parts of the Universe I didn’t even know existed. She has expanded my business offerings and taught me something that has provided incredible, powerful healing. PLUS, her art is so cool and unlike anything else out there!

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