Lea K. Tawd Reiki

When life feels overwhelming, Reiki can help.
I know, because Reiki has helped me find deep healing and massively changed my life. I was an exhausted, overworked mom of a toddler when Reiki (RAY-key) came into my life. I had lost my center, was barely taking care of myself, and had multiple physical problems from the birth of my youngest child. Then I had my first ever Reiki session, and years of pain and grief came up and out. That session was so powerful for me that I decided to learn this modality for myself. Reiki, a form of energy healing that originated in Japan, helped me regain my center, learn how to take care of myself, react to stress with more calm, sleep better, connect to my intuition, make more powerful art….and so much more. Reiki has completely changed my life.

In the years that I have been practicing and teaching Reiki, I have seen the lives of my clients and students change as well. They have found a greater sense of calm, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing, and a connection with their greater purpose in the world.

“I received Reiki from Lea and it was exactly what I was looking for. The session helped me reconnect with my intuition and hear my insights in a new very meaningful way during lots of uncertainty and anxiety. If you are looking to reconnect with yourself, your power, and creative side Lea is magic.” – Kate

Reiki is spiritually guided life force energy. Energy–“ki”, also knowns as chi, prana, or biofield energy–flows through all living things. When we experience stress, injury and trauma, the flow of energy can become blocked. These blocks can cause further issues if they are not addressed. Reiki sessions can help reduce and remove these blocks so that you can heal. Reiki always works for your highest good, so you can feel safe in my healing hands.

As a Holy Fire™III/Karuna™ Reiki Master, I can work with you in several ways.
•One-on-one sessions, conducted over zoom (Yes, it works just as well as in person!)
•My group healing program, the 8 Week Reiki Healing Journey
•Reiki classes–learn to use this beautiful healing modality for your own personal healing, to heal others, and much more
•Bring Reiki energy into your home with my Reiki-infused artwork.
•Retreats and in-person workshops which will return post-pandemic

Here’s what some of my clients and students have to say:

“Lea has wonderful reiki energy. I’ve had many sessions with others over the years, and this was the first time I had one over zoom. It was almost as if she were in the room with me! While I did tell her I have knee problems, she was able to sense the digestive issues that were more important (I didn’t share that with her, so I know her healings were focused where they truly needed to be!). I look forward to learning reiki from her upcoming programs.”
Adventure Wednesdays LLC on Tue Jul 27 2021

“lea is not only an amazing human but has a real talent for helping people in their journey to heal. if you haven’t had reiki before, i highly recommend lea”
Love, cass skincare & waxing on Tue Jun 29 2021

“Lea is an incredible energy healer. I have had many Reiki sessions with her. Each time, I can tell how truly passionate she is about her work and just how connected to the light of the Universe she is. I also learned Reiki from Lea and know first hand that she is an incredible practitioner as well as teacher! I highly recommend her services!”
Angela Thompson on Mon Jun 28 2021

“If you’re not sure about the powerful healing potential of Reiki then you need to work with Lea. You can do that by connecting with her Reiki classes & workshops OR by purchasing her art. I have several of her pieces and they gush healing energy. If you have a friend who needs healing one of her pieces is the perfect gift! I cannot recommend her Magic enough!”
Dianna Fontes on Mon Jun 28 2021

“Lea’s artwork is magical. You can feel the power behind each piece she creates. I really can’t completely explain it, but trust me, it’s next level beautiful. Lea herself is a wonderful human with a kind heart and beautiful soft voice. She is so good at what she does. I highly recommend everything she does!”
Olivia Rene on Fri Jun 11 2021

“My first true experience with Reiki was with Lea at one of her Reiki Experiences where she explains Reiki and provides Reiki healing to the group. It was such a profound level of healing and clarity that I experienced, I knew I needed to work with Lea and her healing hands more. Since then, I have received my own Reiki I & II placements from Lea and I am endlessly grateful. Lea has such a warm, kind energy that makes every conversation with her feel like a giant hug to the soul. I can’t recommend her healing and insights enough!”
Tori Daw on Thu Jun 3 2021

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One response on “Lea K. Tawd Reiki

  1. Tori

    Lea has changed my life in all the best ways with her Reiki and teachings.
    I first attended one of Lea’s informational nights where she provided Reiki energy healing to the group and gave us more information on what Reiki is. This was such a vivid visualization and profound healing, I knew I needed more of this in my life. Since then, I have been given so much Reiki from Lea and her beautiful approach- I even received my own Reiki I, Reiki II, and Reiki Master placements from her. She is so thorough and loving in facilitating these classes, I recommend them 100000% Now that I’m a certified Reiki Master, I can channel Reiki energy myself, and I STILL LOVE RECEIVING REIKI from Lea because of her safe and warm energy.

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