Natural Born Rebel

Hey there, I am Dr. Melissa Bird. I am a clairvoyant life coach, die hard feminist, author, public speaker, healer, and lay preacher.

My purpose in this world is to teach women how to step into their truth and quit playing small ????
I believe that when women come together in community they create graceful revolution in their lives conjuring inspiration from deep within themselves by engaging in heart centered truths.

I help women own their truths, find their voice, and become soul centered warriors through a variety of programs.

1. Online Masterclasses – downloadable and available anytime, my online masterclasses are super accessible and deeply inspiring
2. Misfit Magic Hour – these unique 1 hour session are perfect for you if you are looking for quick clarity and are ready to burst through your resistance
3. Rebel School – Rebel School is a training ground for radical growth and transformation where I teach you how to heal your wounds and learn how to use your intuition to create lasting change in your life
4. 1:1 Coaching – If you are done playing it safe and you are ready to revamp your life, I will help you shift to a new way of being in the world

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3 responses on “Natural Born Rebel

  1. Tori

    Everything that Melissa touches is pure magic. She is empowerment. She is intuition. She is divinity. She helps you realize and uncover desires and blocks you didn’t even know needed uncovering. Rebel school + Coven changed my life and I am so much more grounded in the direction I want to go in my life now.

  2. Kary Meredith

    Dr. Melissa Bird is amazing. She is the perfect combination of loving support and kick your butt that is needed to get you out of your own head. She will awaken you in ways you never dreamt were possible. She will make you laugh and cry and open yourself up to the perfect rebel you were born to be! Every session with Missy is truly a magical experience!

  3. Courtney Gelbrich

    Melissa is the best. The actual best. She has helped me get out of my head and listen to my heart. Whether is business or personal, she has pushed my through the hurdles in my life and I am happier and more centered than I have been in years. She has helped me to find the happy in every day and to share that with others. My life is thriving and I am so grateful for her help and guidance.

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