Sculpt Bodywork

Kaleen meets clients at their individual need. She is trained in a variety of Massage and Manual therapy techniques including: Myofascial release, Trigger Point therapy, Deep tissue, Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation, Kinesiology Taping, Guasha, Postpartum, Relaxation, and Cupping. When you come in for your massage, Kaleen will go over your intake paperwork with you and listen to any/all complaints you may have at that time. Kaleen will then create a treatment plan designed around YOU, this includes varying pressures and flow of your allotted treatment time. Sculpt Bodywork offers 30 minute, 60 minute and 90 minute massage treatments that are FULL sessions ( meaning your appointment time will include an additional 15 minutes, making every client is a VIP). You have the option to include CBD oil, Essential oils and blend of specialized techniques during your visit at no additional charge.

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Sculpt Bodywork
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