Jessica Johns, Artist of the Month

Each month the MOB Nation collaborates with a different MOB Alliance artist. The featured artist is asked to share a piece that shows what the MOB means to them. This art piece is placed on limited edition mugs in the MOB Shop that are only available during the month they are featured. Go here to purchase Jessica Johns’ mug.
May’s featured MOB artist, Jessica Johns, loves pizza and Star Wars, holds a black belt in Taekwondo, and enjoys Jujitsu.

She was raised in Montana and has been married to her high school sweetheart for 19 years. Jessica says she’s a proud baseball mom to her two sons and loves to laugh.

Jessica has always loved art, even as a little girl. “I would choose blank paper and crayons over a coloring book because I wanted to draw my own picture. I love that there are no rules in art! Art does not shut you in a box and tell you how to be or what to create. You can be your most unique and true self and share that with the world with a pen or paintbrush. That inspires me,” she explains.

She says she is also inspired by the way art can evoke emotion in people. “My favorite thing is to create something beautiful, something fun, something special for someone, and see their smile and joy when they look at it. I create art to bring happiness to others.”Last year, she made the decision to step into the art she has been creating her whole life and pursue it as a business.

Jessica names Michelle Obama as an influential figure. “I love her commitment to staying true to who she is and what she stands for, no matter what. She tells it like it is, doesn’t hide her personality and fights for things I also believe in!”

Her personal mentors are drawn from many places in her life who have shown her how to love, how to show up for each other, and how to be kind and fair.

Jessica says being a part of the MOB Nation is inspiring and she loves attending the weekly virtual  Meetups because of the connections and educational speakers.

​“The MOB has been such a great wealth of resources and connections for me. I officially joined the alliance this year and it was a fantastic decision! Not only is it inspirational to see other women, other moms, going after their goals, but everyone cheers you on, reaches out to help when you need it and is there to celebrate your success with you,” she explains.

When asked what advice she would give her younger self starting out, she says:​“When you’re passionate about something, don’t let doubt get in the way of creating! Don’t let people tell you what you can’t do, how you need to dress, how you need to act, or what you can’t say or stand up for that you truly believe in! Don’t let anyone dim your spark or shut you into a box of mediocrity and sameness. Be fiercely you and stand up for yourself!”
Jessica also encourages everyone to  take a look at what you’re passionate about and make sure you incorporate that into your life. Passions should be pursued, maybe as a business, but also as something that can just fill your soul with happiness and light! It can be the bright spot that helps guide you through all the mess and ugliness that the world can be.

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