Member Guide

Work in progress. Instructions and photos will be updated as we finalize content and images.

Table Of Contents

  • Membership Requirements
  • How to set up your profile
  • What can you do in your profile
  • Register your business listing
  • Interact with your community
  • RSVP for events
  • How to earn badges
  • Edit your payment information
  • Get the app

Membership Requirements

After completing the checkout process, you should be directed to your required membership course. Here, you will be given details about your membership and material that will need to be read or watched. After completing the course, our leadership will be notified, review your account, and send an approval or rejection email to you based on your application.

If your application is rejected, there will be information associated with the reason being. Upon approval, you will be able to utilize all of the perks associated with your membership.

Thank you for joining our community!

We look forward to growing with you!

Your Profile

This will be your MOB Nation hub. Here, you will be able to view all of the activity within The MOB Nation, set and find information about your fellow MOB members, add and edit your business directory listing, make friends and message them, join Forums to have conversations on targeted topics, earn badges, and more!

Profile Setup Checklist

Top Level Profile Links

Click on the small avatar circle to the right of the profile menu and then select the “Profile Settings”. This will take you to your Profile Settings area. Filling out these settings will populate a few areas within your profile that will help users identify and understand who you are.

Set your profile avatar

Click the “Change Avatar” button. You will now be able to either drag and drop your desired profile image or select an image from your computer. A square 1:1 image is the best format for your profile avatar.

Set your profile cover image

Click the “Profile Cover” link and update the image like the profile avatar.

Set your social links

Click the “Social Networks” button and input your social links.

Widgets Settings

Set your profile’s about information

Please fill out the “About Me” settings. This will add a section to the top of your profile that will explain to visiting MOB members who you are.

Account Settings

Click on the Email & Password if you wish to update this information.

The Directory

Register Your Business Listing

Visit the “My Listings” menu item or tab to view your current listings or to add a new listing.

After clicking the “Register A Listing” button, you will be directed to a registration form. Please fill out the form with relevant business information.

When uploading images for your business, note that the image in the first position will be the cover image for your listing. You are able to organize the order of your images.

Editing Your Listing

Visit your “My Listings” area and your listings will have an edit link underneath the name of the listing.

Using the Business Directory

You can search by name, business category, and/or location! The featured businesses that show up by default are our Glow Up member businesses.

Reviewing Businesses

Reviewing your fellow MOBs helps build our community into a useful and profitable community. If you have worked with a fellow MOB, please leave a review detailing your experience so others may more easily decide if the business will be a good fit for their needs. You can also earn a badge by reviewing businesses 😉

Friends & Messaging

If you have MOB Members that you already know or have met through the MOB and would like to connect with them, you can friend request them! Find your friends in the “Friends” tab and search for members in the “Member Directory” tab.

Click the “Add Friend” button to send a friend request. Friend requests need to be accepted by the member receiving the request. After doing so, the members who are friends will be able to privately message each other or filter their activity feeds to show updates only from their friends.

Conversations & Threads

Forums and Conversations are where we can communicate and discuss topics created by any of our users with the Go Up or Glow Up memberships.


There is a variety of Conversations, each focused on a different topic to help us stay organized. 

To view all Forums, select the “Forum” menu item in the My MOB menu section or “Groups” area within your profile menu. Once on the Forums page, there will be a list of all the Forums, of which you can choose which ones to join at any time. You are automatically added to the General Discussion Forum upon membership activation.

The Home area within a Forum will display an activity feed of everything happening within the forum, where you will be able to interact with the posts. You can post a status within the Forum or you can create a conversation topic within the “Conversations” area.


Conversations allow members to create a specific topic to discuss with our fellow MOB members.

Within a topic, you will be able to reply at the bottom of the topic. If you wish to follow or save a topic, you can favorite or subscribe to it at the top right.

If you wish to start a topic, this will be towards the bottom of the list of Conversations where you can set the topic title and the opening message accompanied with it.


Finding Events

Find all of our upcoming events on the Events page, the Events sidebar within your profile or the Events profile menu item. A search bar allows you to find specific events. You can also change the view to your preference of a list view, calendar view, or day view.

Joining Events

After finding an event to join, RSVP using the “Going” button. Within the RSVP section, the number of attendees will be listed and the available remaining spots.

Our leadership will be notified of your RSVP and you will receive a confirmation in the inbox of the email provided.


Earning and displaying Badges are a fun way to showcase your achievements in The MOB Nation that demonstrate to other members how involved you are while bolstering your and other MOB members’ profiles!

Badge overview:

More information coming soon!

Shop Settings

Visit the Shop tab, which on a desktop will be found under the “More” tab. An additional menu that holds all of your shop information will be displayed.

Click on the “Payment Methods” tab to update your payment method.