MOB Monday – Coach Lia Dunlap

A few weeks ago, Lia Dunlap, CCHT, and MOB NW member, gave a free webinar about Taming Your Money Monsters to our members as part of our free last Wednesday webinar program. Her webinar was extremely popular and sparked both inspiration and great discussion among our members.

This week, we’re featuring Lia and her business as part of our MOB Monday series. Lia is Portland-based life coach, certified clinical hypnotherapist, best-selling author, recording producer, publisher and the creator of The POWER Plan life coaching program.

She has been helping people achieve their dreams for over 20 years, but her path hasn’t always been smooth.

“Once, abandoned, homeless, divorced, and said to be barren I took hold of my life and mastered the Law of Attraction (long before the Secret was revealed to the masses) and manifested an incredible life. Now I am blessed to be living a full and vibrant life with my soul mate Mark, our incredible son Liam, and our furry family members in the heart of Portland, Oregon,” Lia explains.

Her mantra is “You can have Excuses or Results – the choice is ALWAYS yours!”

“I’ve been helping people find solutions to their problems for as long as I can remember. It started in grade school. Thanks to my father, a beat cop for 30 years, I learned to have a soft spot for the underdog. He taught me the importance of what it meant to serve and protect people, especially those who couldn’t help themselves. Looking back now, it’s no surprise that whenever anyone I knew in school or at work was having a hard time and needed a shoulder, a body guard, or just a sounding board I stepped up to serve,” Lia remembers.

Lia considered becoming a psychologist, but quickly realized her heart wasn’t in it. “All I could think was why should it have to take months if not years for someone to make a lasting change,” she says.

That’s when she discovered hypnotherapy and the New Thought movement.

“Suddenly I found my groove. It all fell into place and I put together my own 90-Day life coaching program. When every single person in my first group program found success in reaching their most important goals, including myself, I knew I was on to something. The POWER Plan program could help people change their entire lives in six simple steps. I’ve spent the last 20 years trying to get it into the hands of as many people as possible.”

One of her biggest influences was her grandmother, Pumpkin’. Lia explains the impact her grandmother had on her life by saying, “She empowered me to trust myself, to strike out and follow my dreams and to never take any crap off of anyone.”

Her business influences include Maya Angelou, Oprah, Tony Robbins, Terry Cole Whittaker, and Deepak Chopra.

Lia says her biggest accomplishment, outside of becoming a mom, is creating her online self-directed version of The POWER Plan coaching program. It took nearly 18 months and hundreds of hours to complete, and she now has over 1,000 students enrolled.
Although she receives many client referrals, it can take months for a client to refer someone to her since they are working with her for 90-days and then months of working on their own after that to achieve their goals.

Lia’s work is both deep and profound, so her ideal clients are those ready do whatever it takes for 90-Days to get their personal & professional life to the highest level of freedom & success. As she likes to say, “the steps are simple, but the work can be hard.”

She especially enjoys working with eager entrepreneurs who know they can make a change in their life and are ready to do the work.

Lia’s advice to fellow business owners is this:

“Be sure to have a clear vision of what you want to do with your business. What is your purpose? Once you know your purpose & have a clear vision you can use them as litmus tests as you build your business.

When you are doing what sets your heart on fire and it’s in alignment with your ultimate vision you will be able to traverse the dips and peaks associated with starting a new business. Consider it your inner compass always pointing you home to your true north.”

As she grows her own business, she is learning from experts in their own field. “Thanks to the work of pros like Gwen Montoya, a fellow MOB NW member, I have started to branch out into social media for additional marketing.”

We asked Lia what excites her most about MOB NW member. “It is the idea of collaborative support from fellow Mom Owned Business leaders. It’s a unique breed of entrepreneur who can juggle the work of creating a thriving business as well as a thriving family.

The beautiful part is that in this tribe we are all coming from a place of understanding that struggle and the need to not only vent but to come to solutions that are both expeditious and cost effective.

Additionally, it has been great to work with MOB members on a professional level and watch as their businesses and lives take dramatic leaps of success. I look forward to being a part of this tribe and watching it grow for years to come.”

Lia enjoys working for herself because she has the power to do what she wants, the way she wants it, and when she wants it. She says her time is spent doing things she truly believes in.

Lia’s office is located at The North Portland Growth Place, 7415 N. Oatman Ave.
You can find Lia online here:

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