MOB Monday – Julie of Lite It Forward

 Julie is the mother of five adult children (three by birth and two bonus children), soon to be grandmother of one baby girl, and is approaching her first year in business as a Partylite consultant.

She is also a software engineer at Microsoft and an advocate for women and children. After a rough first marriage and pushing herself to complete her education as a single mom of three young children, while also working full time, she feels compelled to give back.

Her daughter remembers when Julie first graduated from college:

“Soon, after much sacrifice, and many Subway visits, she obtained a programming internship with a local software company and graduated with her bachelor’s degree. I recall before she deployed new software, she would work long days in the office. Sometimes, she would bring me with her and I would get to press buttons and type random things to try and “break” her programs. A few years later, in the days of Geocities, I began making fan pages and blogs as a hobby. These moments helping my mom and being a “fangirl” truly inspired my blossoming interest in computer science. To this day, I am so grateful for my mom, the first person to truly inspire me in computer science.”

As a software engineer. Julie works primarily with males. However, she had a desire to be more involved with women and their causes, including the MOB NW, Code.Org and Girls Who Code Inc. She sincerely wants to help others and inspire young girls to strive to do anything as well as opening doors for the next generation. Julie enjoys talking with women and girls to inspire them and encourage them. “Together we truly can do some much good and have success together,” she says.

Julie was inspired to start her business,, by the Give program through her employer, Microsoft in which charities receive matching donations when employees donate to charities. Partylite candles have been a relaxing enjoyable stress-reducing part of Julie’s life, and her vision was to sell candles and donate proceeds.

She also regularly donates baskets for raffles and candles for gifts to charities. Fundraisers are also something she loves to do because the charities can receive from 40-60% of sales, depending on charity status in Give program.

You can find Julie at bazaars, private homes, and coffee shops bringing candles to her customers and allowing them to hold and smell the candles in person.

Julie counts the moms in the MOB NW and her daughter as her mentors.

Her biggest challenge is living up to her own expectations of what customer service should be, “I never want to sound like I am selling and trying to ensure customers know I do what I say and say what I do – ALWAYS,” she says.

She advises moms opening a new business join The MOB NW and to believe in themselves and their abilities. “Tell yourself every day you can do it,” she says.

Julie’s ideal referral is someone who loves candles, desires excellent customer service, and is interested in helping others at the same time.

She says her biggest accomplishment is the work she does through Microsoft’s Give program she says, “This year I have donated with help from over 3,000 dollars to charities!” In fact, the thing she loves most about working for herself is her ability to give back while maintaining her job at Microsoft.
Julie loves being a member of the MOB NW because of the moms and connections she makes at the meet ups. “I love each and every MOB I’ve met,” she says.

You can find Julie online at:

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