MOB Monday – Krissie of Pure Haven Essentials and Discovery Toys

Krissie is mom to a young son, a wife, and manages two businesses as well as a part-time teaching job at an alternative school in Vancouver.

Although she is originally from Alaska, she attended college in Colorado before moving to the Pacific Northwest in 2000. She’s been in the Vancouver area for about four years. When she’s not working as a teacher, her businesses allow her to focus on family. “One of my favorite things about working from home is that I can be at home most days with Jacob and design my events and business activities around my family,” she explains.

She is a consultant for two complimentary businesses. The first is Pure Haven Essentials which produces non-toxic body products. The second is Discovery Toys, an educational toy company.

She was inspired to join Pure Haven Essentials after attending a teacher’s conference. “I learned about how bad mainstream products are in the U.S. I learned how thousands of synthetic chemicals come out every year and are not tested or regulated. And that the personal care products we slather on ourselves may contain one or more of the 1,360 chemicals that are banned in Europe, but not the United States. It was a really important time for me to learn about this issue. I had just experienced my first miscarriage (of several) and was looking for a way I could feel empowered to be more in control of my own health. I took it upon myself to learn more and pursue products with no harmful chemicals,” she says.

She found Pure Haven Essentials and was impressed with the quality of the products and the integrity of the company. “Their mission to educate was right up my alley,” she explains.

After seeing how people responded to Discovery Toys at a friend’s booth, Krissie realized they would be a good match for her audience of moms and families. “I watched throughout one particular event the toys virtually sell themselves as people young and old played and played at my friend’s booth.” The educational and child development nature of the toys also appealed to her teacher side!

Although she is always excited to share her products, Krissie says her biggest challenge is finding the right balance between selling and helping. “As a consultant, I really want to be seen as a guide, an assistant in helping people get what they need and want. The pressure to “sell” is just not me. I’m not comfortable unless I’m consistently respecting others. In the world of sales, there are a lot of scripts I’m simply not comfortable with.”

She credits being active in The MOB NW with helping her find her comfort zone. “The MOB has helped me see that it’s VERY possible to be in sales and to also have the highest level of integrity and respect. This is so important to me. Pretty often I ask myself before following up or making a contact, ‘Is this OK with me?’ This gut-check has been a powerful tool in getting to know myself.”

Despite running two businesses that thrive on connection and communication, Krissie doesn’t enjoy talking on the phone. “I even hate ordering pizza! So, I’m constantly stretching myself to make calls but I’m getting better and that’s rewarding,” she explains.

She advises new business owners to “listen to your gut, be respectful, care more about people than sales and the sales will come. Do what you LOVE. Understand your priorities so you can set clear goals. When you write goals, they should also include specific steps that will help you reach them. If one of your top priorities is family, set reasonable limits on business activities to set aside time for the most important people in your life,” she says.

Krissie’s biggest accomplishment is her family. “After my fertility struggles, I CANNOT even tell you how thankful I am for Joe and Jacob. I’m also proud to be a National Board Certified teacher and business owner. I’m proud of the group of friends I’ve found since moving to this area,” she says.

She loves working for herself because it gives her time and flexibility for family, but she enjoys other aspects as well. “I really get off on the challenge, too. I never feel stuck. There is always another idea I can try, something new to follow up on, a new way of doing something. I relish the way that having my own business keeps me perpetually on my toes. It allows me to be both creative and logical – a lot like teaching. I love how my businesses are in complete alignment with the subjects I teach! My businesses allow me more opportunities to teach about my passions outside the classroom,” she says.

She’s excited to be a member of the MOB NW. “The constant synergy and support I feel by having a group of dedicated, experienced, loving women surrounding me. I think it’s so cool how we all do such different things, yet have so much in common,” she explains.

Her ideal referral would be someone interested in hosting a workshop or a party. She’s also looking for local salons or businesses in the health and wellness field who would be interesting in selling Pure Haven Essentials at their business.

You can find Krissie online at:

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