MOB Monday – Meg of Uniquely Wise Photography

Meg Wise, owner of Uniquely Wise Photography, opened her business in 2015 and has over 15 years’ experience as a photographer. She grew up surrounded by photos, “My mother, growing up, was amazing at taking photos of the floor and the back of people’s heads. My father’s house was a museum of memories. There were pictures hung everywhere. There were photo albums filled to the brim. One of the things I love the most is reminiscing over old photos and conjuring up the memories. It takes me down the rabbit hole for hours on end and I love it.”
 She is happier behind the camera, and her three-year old son is often her muse. “He’s obsessed with Legos, Batman, and Buzz Lightyear. He even inspired a new Inspiration series. Keep an eye out for #UniquelyImagined #UniquelyInspiredSeries,” she says. She loves that her work allows her to be there for her son. She says, “He’s only 3.5 and still wants to be around me, so I’m going to milk it as long as I can. Plus, it makes me a good role model when he’s older.”
One of her biggest business achievements occurred over the summer when she opened her studio. “I have the cutest quaint little studio in an ActivSpace in NW Portland. It’s caddy corner from Playdate PDX. It’s light and airy and perfect for newborns, maternity and families. I have maternity gowns, wraps and some props for my families to use,” she says. She also does photography on location around Portland and Vancouver or from the comfort of your home.
Meg draws inspiration from her family. Her own mother was a single mom working full time, and she has watched her step-mom build and flourish a business and become a leader in the community and while raising Meg’s little sister. Meg’s husband is also incredibly supportive and helps with business tasks.
In her professional life, she is inspired by other photographers. Meg continues to take classes, learn, and perfect her craft, “I am always look for those in-between moments where the magic happens,” she says. She also credits the MOB NW for an amazing support system, pushing her further out of her comfort zone, and connecting her with new friends and businesses.

When asked what her biggest struggle in business is she says “I think with most new businesses, it’s getting your name out there, getting new clients, and time management. I need a larger supply of caffeine and time!”

She advises new business owners to invest in themselves and continue to push their comfort zone limits. “Get out there and meet the people in your community. See how you can help each other and make friends in the process,” she says.

Meg loves to work with parents who want to capture and never forget their pregnancy glow or how tiny their little one once was. She also loves connecting with like-minded businesses who are a part of the pregnancy and newborn community.

She is excited to be a member of the MOB NW because of the connections she is able to make and the chance to help one another. “It took me awhile to attend a meet up, and then a second, but by the second time I felt comfortable around all these amazing women, and I knew I needed to join the Alliance. And you know what I love it and should have done it sooner. I highly suggest joining this amazing group of women,” she says.
Meg offers 15% off sessions and products to MOB Alliance members. She also offers15% off as a thank you for referrals –  with enough referrals you could earn a free session!

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