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In addition to being a professional educator, adjunct faculty at Portland State University, a certified life coach, a registered yoga instructor, and mother of three, Monique Terner also owns NW Portland’s Creative Roots.

Through Creative Roots, Monique offers children and parents exceptional educational programs and supports her clients in learning about the world around them. Her programs foster a love of learning children carry into adulthood.

“I feel fortunate to have grown up in Vermont with a strong value for education and community health and wellness. I am inspired by children, nature and authentic relationships,” she says.

Creative Roots offers camps focusing on topics such as cooking, book making, medicinal plants, puppetry, fiber arts, and more. You’ll also find Mother-Daughter Yoga classes and Empowerment camps for boys, girls, and teens. After school camps, family creativity camps, and other camps are also available. You can view the calendar of fun Portland classes and camps here.

She loves to work with families who value process work, community, and collaboration and children who are open to exploration and discovery. Monique also works with professionals who value relationship-based work.
With over 20 years’ experience working with educators and families in a variety of settings, Monique is able to draw on that to meet the needs of her clients. As a certified YogaCalm instructor, she introduces children to the benefits of both yoga and mindfulness.

Her passion for learning extends to educators and parents. She has co-authored the book Face to Face:  Cultivating Kids’ Social Lives in the Digital World <>, a discussion book for parents, community members, and professionals who want to make difference in the social lives of our youth today.

Monique is a second-generation entrepreneur and she learned value of taking risks and perseverance from her parents. She says, “I have learned the most from the children I work with and, of course, my own children.”

Her biggest struggle is meeting the needs of her clients, both parents and children, in a way that is sustainable. She advises new business owners to be patient, network with other business owners, and show your support.
She is excited to be member of The MOB NW and be surrounded by other moms who experience similar challenges in growing their business, and who have a shared passion for their work AND being a mom.

Monique says, “Being a mom has been the best and most rewarding and challenging life experience.”
She enjoys working for herself and the challenge and freedom to choose what I will offer to the community. “I hope I can make a difference to kids and families in a way that feels authentic,” she explains.
Monique is also enrolled in a PhD program in Psychology with specializing in Psychophysiology and Creativity Studies.

You can find her online at:


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