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Nancy has been a business manager for over 20 years in various industries. “I started out in Los Angeles working for film and TV industry professionals in a very analog way – managing household checking accounts, running staff payrolls, working with other professionals to help manage their lives, i.e., agents, attorneys, insurance folks and the like. When she moved to San Francisco in 1994, she did the same kinds of tasks, but in the music industry, “I created financial statements for various touring bands, filing tax returns, and more.  Once the firm began obtaining sports clients, the tax filings became increasingly tedious and I decided to pursue other career options,” she explains.
Next, she become an Operations Director for a web boutique start-up called  Studio Verso. “It was an extraordinary experience – surrounded by designers, UI professionals, engineers, project managers and other brilliant technology folks, we created one of the first e-commerce sites ever – for Office Depot ” she says. 

Eventually, her company was bought out and Nancy decided to go to chef school. “After cooking at a high-end restaurant in San Francisco, I realized that it was a cowboy mentality that wasn’t for me, but the good news is that I can cook anything now!”

Her next challenge was finding a job in a professional environment where she could utilize her skills and still have holidays off. She became a bookkeeper at a family-owned construction company in Berkeley, California. “I served as Operations Manager for four years until the owner’s daughter was slated to become CFO and my position was eliminated,” she explains

“I decided I knew enough of the ins and outs of the construction industry and I felt I could give it a go to start up my own.  This company became Capo Mastro Group (CMG) and the company still exists today.  – check it out for sure – super proud of what I accomplished in San Francisco!” Nancy was bought out her partnership when she decided to move to move to Portland to allow her now 8-year old to begin kindergarten here.

“ I truly enjoyed being a stay-at-home mom, but the stipend inevitably ran out,” she explains. Her next adventure was as a Business Manager for a family-owned property management company. When they reorganized, her position was eliminated and Nancy decided to open her own business. “I decided I would love the flexibility of owning my own business again and founded Full Charge Marge – Better Books for Great People. “
Nancy says her mentors have been integral to her success.  “The first is Zach Zeisler, CPA who taught me everything I know about the importance of accuracy and professionalism, even when dealing with sticky tour cash.  The second would be the VP of Studio Verso – Carol Waitte – who was an early Apple employee and showed me that you can be a change-agent in a male-dominated field, maintaining a polished cool I could only hope to replicate,” she explains.
Like most small business owners, Nancy struggles with having enough time to both work on her business as well as in her business for clients. She is counts the tax law differences between California and Oregon as a challenge.

Nancy advises new business owners to value yourself the same way you would want to be valued as an employee. “One thing I always emphasized, particularly when owning my construction company, is that your employees are your best marketing.  I paid my carpenters and project managers large year-end bonuses, choosing to zero-out any net income of the corporation because I would rather reward my staff than pay corporate taxes.  This proved to be so appreciated by my staff,” she explains.

Her ideal referral is someone who wants to be more focused on their genius, and they allow me to completely take care of managing the financial end of their business.  
​When asked what her biggest accomplishment was, she replied, “My biggest accomplishment is my child, Jesse.  Hardest and most rewarding job I’ve ever had is motherhood.”
​Nancy is excited to be a MOB Alliance member because it provides validation and support for women that are experiencing the exact same challenges of balancing parenthood with a career.  
She also loves working for herself and getting the chance to know various clients and what their needs are.  She explains, “I love the flexibility of being available to my child after school and in the mornings as opposed to rushing off to the 9-5 office job.  I love not having to wait to accrue PTO hours in order to take a family vacation.  Lastly, as a “Type-A” individual, I really enjoy challenging myself to be self-propelled!”
Nancy’s MOB Alliance exclusive offer is 20% off monthly bookkeeping (minimum retainer agreement – 10 hours or more per month).  

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