MOB Monday – Nicole with Oilsndirt

Nicole is a mom of three boys (12, 5, 2), a wife, and is a wellness advocate with doTerra via her brand “Oilsndirt.”She says “I try to be a decent human being every moment of my life.  I connect deeply with the people around me and don’t know how to have shallow conversations. I truly want to know how you are, if I get the chance to ask you.  I am who I am today because I made the choice in January 2008 to seek help for my drug and alcohol abuse, and be a part of the “I won’t drink No Matter What” club.  It’s a commitment I still make daily.”

She says her greatest accomplishment is “Staying sober for over 8-1/2 years, being faithful in my marriage and having two sober pregnancies.  It may not seem that amazing to some.  To me it’s an absolute miracle.”

When she learned she was pregnant with her youngest son, she was a happy long-time employee with a small company, but quickly realized there was no way she could afford full-time daycare for two children under three. “I had, no exaggeration, a 6 week long panic attack.  I prayed that SOMETHING I could do from home would present itself,” she explains.

She considered many options that would allow her to stay home with her children, but still bring in an income. Nicole says, “I had NO INTEREST whatsoever in direct sales.  None.  I ‘knew’ what those people were like and wanted no part of it.”

However, she became interested in oils after someone shared oils with her as a way to support her husband’s seasonal allergies. “The craziest thing was it WORKED! My husband turned to me and said ‘You should do THIS! If nothing else, you know I’ll use it.”

When she attended her first dōTERRA convention shortly after starting with the company, she says she felt as if she had found her calling. “I get to empower families – especially women and fellow recovering addicts & alcoholics.  I get to share that we have options when it comes to our health. I count myself among blessed today to call myself a Professional Network Marketer.  It’s a title I proudly own.”

When we asked her what she loves about working for herself she responded, “I love that I can dream.  I feel like I have a hope and a future that wasn’t there before when I was just an employee helping make someone else’s dream.”

One of Nicole’s greatest influences and mentors is Tony Robbins. She says, “I could give a laundry list of books and amazing authors and speakers I enjoy, but that guy tops the list.  If you’ve never read or heard him (gotta love youtube) PLEASE DO.  Your future you thanks you in advance!”

As a network marketer, one of her fears is inadvertently living up to someone’s belief about what network marketing is. “I’ve been so nervous I’d do it wrong. I have consciously limited pushing myself. I’d rather not push someone farther away from something I believe so passionately in by doing it wrong.  Thanks to the incredible women in this Alliance, I am gaining confidence to know that I won’t do it wrong BECAUSE it’s something I believe so passionately,” she explains.

She advises new business owners to focus on personal development in the beginning and growing your own skill sets. She adds, “The best business exchanges happen as a result of long term relationship.  Be more concerned about how you can genuinely affect the buyers’ circumstances, than what the bottom line is, and then the sales come.  People don’t want to be sold.  They want to do business with someone they know has their best interest in mind.”

Her ideal referral are moms who want to be more natural and hate standing in the cough syrup isle, rubbing their hands together, hoping they pick the right box. Or the person who is beginning to understand The friend who is starting to look up ingredients in products and is interested in a DIY approach would also be a great person connection for her.

Nicole enjoys being in the MOB Alliance because of the support and knowledge of fellow members. “I’m also learning how to not feel so awkward around people I admire!”

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