MOB Monday – Rebekah with Demarle at Home

Rebekah grew up in the Beaverton area and is mom to two young children.  She, her husband, and her children live in Newburg. They enjoy camping, gardening, and hanging out together.

As a consultant for Demarle at Home, she gets to share the joy and love she has for cooking and baking with others. She explains, “My five-year-old daughter has caught the bug as well and it is something that we do together often. Cooking has even become something I enjoy. My mom laughs at the thought of me cooking for a career! I used to be the stay-at-home mom who waited for her husband to get home from work to prepare dinner for the family.”

In addition to sharing her passion for cooking, she is able to stay home with her children. “I love that I can set my own priorities. When I need time to help a friend with her wedding, I can do that. When my kids are sick I can be there,” she explains.
Rebekah first discovered Demarle at Home through a cooking workshop at a friend’s home. “I was immediately struck with the desire to have these products in my kitchen,” she says.

The timing couldn’t have been better as she was considering returning to work for the first time in several years. “The thought of getting a job was daunting. I didn’t want to leave my kids, and the prospects of finding a job that worked with my husband’s hours were limited,” she explains.

Rebekah enjoys having an impact on the families she meets by making meal times easier and more enjoyable. “I love feeling successful again. Being good at something outside the home as well as being recognized for it has been really fun. Empowering other women just like me to find a way to support their families, find confidence in and out of the home, and create meaningful connections is just amazing.”

There are two Demarle at Home team leaders who work closely with Rebekah and embody what it means to balance a busy work life and a full personal life. She continues, “Not only that, but both our President and Director of Sales are mentors and examples of women who have successfully married business and personal success. They provide such amazing guidance and support.”

As most MOBs can agree, finding her own unique personal balance of work and family life is an ongoing challenge. “There are many weeks that the laundry never got put away and the floors didn’t get scrubbed. It is challenging to be at home working knowing that there are kids to play with and chores to do. At the end of the day, sometimes the family wonders what the heck I did all day. I have to remember that just because my work is sometime intangible, it doesn’t mean I wasn’t doing it. At the end of the day, even though I worked most of it, I was still home with my kids and they got to see me more than they would have if I was out of the house in an office. That was, after all, the point.”

Rebekah suggests new business owners evaluate their “why.” “Get comfortable with it and share it with those close to you. Down the line when you are working hard or making sacrifices you can go back to that and know that what you are doing is worth it,” she explains.

She would love to work with women who are struggling to get a homemade meal on the table at dinner time. Showing her customers their strengths and seeing them build their confidence in the kitchen is something she loves. Rebekah also enjoys working with those who already have a passion for cooking, but what to improve their dishes. “The person that loves creating food is always completely blown away by how our cookware takes their outcome to the next level.”

She has this to say about being a member of The MOB NW, “I absolutely love the connections that I have been making through the MOB. It is amazing the number of women who are trying to make their own way just like me. To be a part of a community that is built to support that is a blessing.”

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