MOB MONDAY- Sarah’s extreme sweets n treats

​Our featured MOB is Sarah Akey of Sarah’s Extreme Sweets ‘N Treats. 
Sarah was inspired to try her hand at cake decorating after a family member gave her a cupcake decorating kit for Christmas several years ago. 
“My initial thought was ‘this is going to turn out bad’ I was wrong! It was a lot of fun and I was actually good at it. Time passed and I decided I could make this happen full time. I did not want to keep working for someone else and paying someone to take care of my son. I wanted to do it. And I wanted to homeschool him too. It was against everything that made sense. But I took the leap. And here I am today!”
She loves working the freedom of working for herself and the ability to be with her son. Sarah hopes to inspire other single moms to go after their goals.

Her mentors include cake decorating artists like Kara Andretta and Sharon Zambito for their skill and craftsmanship, and MOB NW founder Aria Leigty for her dedication to business and community. “I’m better because of her influence on my life,” says Sarah.
Like many small business owners, Sarah’s biggest business challenge has been pricing. She says “It’s so easy to under charge and let my business run me, instead of the other way around.” Her business continues to grow and she expects to own a food cart within 36 months.

Sarah’s advice to new business owners:
“Don’t quit. If you want it bad enough, it will happen. You cannot let the stumbling blocks keep you from pressing forward and realizing your dreams. I’ve wanted to quit so many times before I’ve even really gotten started. And every time, I have pressed into my support systems and once you realize you’re not alone (and you’re not, every single one of us has struggles in small business), it makes it easier to move forward.”

When we asked Sarah what she like best about being a member of the MOB NW, she replied “The networking! I love the sense of community that comes with this alliance and the support in the good and the bad. I adore being a part of like-minded women in the same boat I’m in.”
Sarah is a single mom, and faith is a huge part of her life. When she isn’t working, she volunteers and serves her community. She also enjoys reading, blogging, hiking, and meeting new people.

Her ideal referral: Parents looking for one-of-a-kind cakes for baby showers, gender reveals, and birthdays.

You can find Sarah online at

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