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Tiffany is a native Oregonian, mom of two boys, a wife, leader of FIT4MOM in SE Portland/Happy Valley, and also provides foster and respite care for families and caregivers. FIT4MOM SE/Happy Valley offers classes at Mt. Tabor, Woodstock, Mt. Scott and in Happy Valley.

“My life focuses on family, home, traveling, food, hiking, working, and being a strong and healthy woman! Having two boys under three, keeps me busy and I’ve found days are better when they’re active and with a village,” she says.

Although she had a been a work at home mom since 2013, she was ready to be a stay at home mom to spend more time with her toddlers. However, at meeting with Hike It Baby she learned about FIT4MOM. “Shanti mentioned the awesome Village of FIT4MOM. I checked it out and realized it was something I could do WITH my kids AND I got to work out AND I was able to be part of all these women. I was in love and caught up in a whirl wind relationship!”

Brene Brown’s work has had a big influence on Tiffany, and she also draws inspiration from other FIT4MOM locations. “I learn from them, I’m supported by them and inspired by them. I follow all of them online just to absorb their collective knowledge,” she explains.

She loves working for herself and having the freedom to meet the needs of her village. “I love owning every success and leading a team of strong mom instructors,” she explains.
One of Tiffany’s biggest struggles in her business is helping moms take care of themselves. She says, “For some, it’s just hard to get out the door with their new baby or maybe their kids are older and they think FIT4MOM is no longer for them. Helping the community understand that we’re more than a workout, we’re a village, with mom nights out, free public playdates, community involvement, support for all levels of motherhood. Once you’re a mom you’re always a mom.”

She loves to work with moms looking for community, support, fitness, time out of the house, or time for themselves.
Tiffany’s enthusiasm for exercise, family, and building community keeps her motivated as she grows her business.  She advises new business owners to surround themselves with inspiring, positive, and successful. She also suggests taking marketing classes and continuing to learn every day.

Her favorite part of being a MOB NW member is being surrounded by like-minded, inspiring women. “I love being a part of a tribe of ladies that knows what it’s like to pour 100% of yourself into work, being a mom, being a wife, keeping up with the household AND not losing yourself,” she says.
Tiffany and her family are often outdoors, playing soccer, camping and hiking.
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