MOB Spotlight – Brandy Cummings, Owner of Pivotal Origins

Brandy Cummings, owner of Pivotal Origins, describes herself as a mama, food fanatic, lover of Sherlock Holmes, Functional Nutritionist, and aspiring archer.

“Shows I’ve binged watched include Dexter, The Office, Wentworth, and The Mentalist. I’m a huge fan of making lists (well, more like a fan of crossing things off lists). Observation is my superpower. I choose where to vacation solely on what food choices are available. I used to be a blackjack dealer, and have a very irrational fear of whales,” she says.

She loves working for herself because of the time it gives her to be with her daughter.

Brandy originally opened business as a generic holistic nutrition practice in 2016.

“After several ER trips to the hospital as a teenager (where they freely handed over narcotics and sent me on my way), I had to spend a decade figuring out that what I ate had a profound impact on how my body felt. I thought, this shouldn’t have taken this long to figure out. I need to help others.”

When she was starting her family she realized the gap in care that happened during the entire preconception to postpartum period. “I experienced no support when I miscarried, no support during the first trimester after becoming pregnant again, no nutrition advice from a holistic or functional perspective, was told breastfeeding had failed on day two of my daughter’s life, and spent the next six months suffering with postpartum anxiety,” she explains.

That experience led her to talk to other parents and realize her story and struggles were not unique. She decided to refocus her business to support people through their entire pan-natal™ phase of life (preconception to postpartum) so that no one had to feel like she felt. This purpose has been her guiding principle ever since.

Brandy says she admires JJ Virgin, creator of the Virgin Diet. “She launched it sitting next to the hospital bed of her son Grant while he was fighting for his life from a tragic car accident. Her family was depending on that income and she was committed to getting her son back to 110% when every medical professional was telling her it was never gonna happen. She succeeded in getting him to 110% and has since gone on to create a community of functional and integrative practitioners and her new mission is to change the lives of a billion people. I have no doubt she’ll meet and exceed that too,” says Brandy.

She says her biggest business struggle has been time management and the challenges that come with working from home with a toddler during a pandemic. The lack of childcare and juggling all the things that need to happen at home. Brandy says the key to making it work is communication and strategy.

She would advise a new business owner to focus on revenue generating activities first. “When you sit down at your computer, it’s amazing how fast 4 hours can go and all you did was check emails, pay bills, and other admin duties. Those are important too, but do something that can pay you back first. Write a blog, make a video, social media post, meet with clients, or book a session,” she explains.

When things are challenging, Brandy says she remembers her purpose and her why. “When I look around, our population is not heading in the right direction. Rates of chronic disease are going up, autoimmunity is at an all-time high, children are getting chronic illnesses younger and younger. The health of a person when they become pregnant can have a direct impact on their grandchildren through transgenerational epigenetic inheritance. To me, the ultimate in preventative care is to catch people two generations before they’re born. If we want to turn this ship around for our grand- and great-grandchildren, the time to roll up our sleeves and get to work is now,” she explains.

Brandy says her ideal referral is someone who is already following a natural/holistic lifestyle or is open to moving towards that and someone who is interested in optimizing their chances for a healthy conception, pregnancy, birth, and postpartum by doing everything they can before they conceive.

She also works well with those who have struggled to get or stay pregnant, those with an autoimmune disease or other chronic illness, and those interested in how to best support their reproductive health.

She often works with people who have felt as if traditional western medicine has left them with fragmented bits of information that no one can seem to put together to help them figure out what’s happening in their body.

Brandy prides herself on being a practitioner who looks at her clients as whole people and can help them connect the dots and have a clear picture of their reproductive health. 

When asked what impact being a MOB Alliance member has had on her business, Brandy says “I have met some amazing people through the MOB. I have met people I will probably be friends with forever. This relationship building is so different from other networking groups and I really love it. When I rebranded, it was pretty much all amazing MOB work. My logo, social media templates, website, and photos all came from the MOB. I may be biased, but I think they look amazing!”

Her favorite MOB Alliance benefit is being able to attend so many virtual meetups.

Her offer to MOB Alliance members is:

10% off all my services and 15% off therapeutic-grade supplements

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