MOB Spotlight: Dick Cat Candles

Tricia Psomas started Dick Cat Candles in 2020.

She describes herself as a candle maker,  wife, mama, insomniac, and dog lover. She also loves cooking, feeding people, hiking less than eight miles at a time, and sleeping.

Tricia counts both Beyonce and Bob Ross as mentors because she is “the fiercest happy little cloud you’ll ever meet.”

When asked why she started her business she says “I was laying in bed not sleeping on Black Friday and my husband that I love so much farted in his sleep. I ALMOST DIED. Having no air fresheners, candles or a gas mask on hand, I grabbed my phone and ordered everything I needed to make it so my house would never stink again.”

As it turned out, Tricia was pretty good at making candles, reading wax moisture content, and chemistry. She credits her years spent in kitchens for her knack for scents.

Her advice to new business owners would be to track everything. “Track absolutely everything. Get yourself some software, a spreadsheet, a bookkeeper, something. Just know exactly where your money is going so you can make it work hard for you,” she says.

Tricia’s best referrals are people who like their candles funny and snarky. They make fantastic pick me up gifts if you know someone who needs a laugh.

She says the MOB’s biggest impact on her business is having all the tools she needs for growth in one space and the connections she makes through MOB Meetups.

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