MOB Spotlight – Hannah Woods, owner of Serenity Windows

Hannah Woods, owner of Serenity Windows has been a General Contractor since 2013. Hannah started her business in 2008 when she and her husband were both laid off. Both had a background in construction and they realized it was a way they could provide for their growing family. 

Their family now consists of four children with ages ranging from toddler to eight years old. In her free time Hannah loves reading, writing, cooking, crafting, and creating. 

As a woman in a male dominated industry, Hannah has had many experiences where she was overlooked and underestimated. “As a female in a male dominated industry, I’ve had to earn the same respect men get just for being men. I’ve been constantly questioned on my knowledge and abilities,” she explains.

Those who underestimate her soon learn they are mistaken.

“I am persistent. I’ve always refused to listen to the voices who told me who I was and who I could never be. I have fought for everything I have in my life. I am an overachiever, a perfectionist, terribly hard on myself, and often far too serious. But I am a good person. I am a good friend. I am a good mother. I am a good wife. I am honest, caring, and kind,” she says.

Hannah’s persistence and strong personality come from a rough childhood.

“I wasn’t allowed a traditional education. I had to learn on my own. One of my proudest moments was when I got my GED at 17. No one was there rooting for me. No one expected it of me. I did it for myself. That is who I am.”
While she was growing up, most of the people in her life were examples of what not to be.

“I grew up watching those around me struggle day to day. I was told that is how it will always be. That life will always be hard. That I would never be enough, happiness was out of reach, and I didn’t deserve to even reach for it. I have spent my life refusing to fall into the victim mentality I was subjected to my entire life. I found my mentors in books; many of them fictional. I decided who I wanted to be and struggled through allowing myself to be that person. I am always striving to do and be better,” she says.

Owning her own business has been empowering. “Being able to do things the way I want. Having that control in my life has been life altering; it has empowered me and stimulated an abundance of personal growth.”

She would advise a new business owner to meditate on what they want long term. “Picture what you want to do, how it makes you feel, and why you want to do it. When you have your “why” you can create your goals. Always strive towards a goal. It will keep you grounded and motivated. Do not be afraid to fail! We all fall down; what matters is how long it takes you to get back up,” she explains.

When things get challenging, Hannah thinks about her children and her goals. Both remind her why she needs to keep pushing through the hard moments.

She says being a part of the MOB has been uplifting. “As a woman in a male dominated industry it can sometimes get overwhelming. It’s nice to have a group of women who can relate on different levels and who are so encouraging, thoughtful, and kind,” she says.

A lovely example of that encouragement is the reason Hannah submitted her business for a MOB Spotlight! “Just a quick thank you to Gwen Montoya. I recently joined her marketing group. She (unknowingly) pushed me to open myself up and do this interview. I’ve never really considered that people might care about who I am and whose business they are supporting,” she explains.

Her favorite MOB Alliance benefit are the MOB meetups because they give her a chance to get out of her comfort zone while she meets new people and learns abou their businesses. “We have some amazing and very unique individuals and I love that ability to connect with so many different people that I may not have crossed paths with under normal circumstances.”

Her ideal referral is anyone looking for new windows or those who need window repairs, and her MOB Alliance discount is 10% off replacing the windows in your home

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