MOB Spotlight: Jenelle Woodlief, owner of Jenelle Woodlief Empowered Massage

Jenelle Woodlief describes herself as a “multi-passionate badass raising two boys and fighting for what I believe in.”

She says she’s never been one to believe there are limits to what she can accomplish. “My mantra is ‘I will figure that out’. Gentle and kind, I will also challenge you and occasionally give you a kick in the pants,” she explains.

Her business, Jenelle Woodlief Empowered Massage in Portland, Oregon, is devoted to helping people feel better in their bodies.

​Over the past nine years, she has developed a unique bodywork modality where East meets West, science meets intuition. She uses traditional Thai massage and structural bodywork to focus on restoring balance in the body, relieving pain and discomfort, and preventing injuries. Jenelle also incorporates massage, deep muscle compression, movement, and stretching for a full-body holistic approach to bodywork.

Her clients work with her primarily in two ways. Single bodywork sessions which relieve pain and muscle tension and her Transformational Bodywork Series, a nine week program where she guides people through physical transformation. Weekly bodywork sessions are combined with postural/structural assessments, education on self-massage techniques, and video support.

Jenelle prides herself on offering bodywork that resonates with people underserved by traditional massage services. “Because my clients are clothed on a mat on the floor, my bodywork resonates with trauma survivors, those with body image struggles, and those uncomfortable being undressed. And because I can use my whole body to apply pressure, many men find that I can very effectively work out muscle tension,” she says.

She was inspired to start her business in order to live a life of passion and purpose, and inspire her boys as well.

“As an empath, I feel very deeply, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. It took most of my life to harness that as my superpower. Now I use it to change lives. After a lifetime of caring for everyone else around me, I accepted the universe’s invitation to recreate my life. I began to see possibility and opportunity wherever I looked as soon as I embraced choice and stepped into my power.”

Like many business owners, the biggest challenge in her business over the past year has been the impacts of COVID. Jenelle’s business was shut down for six months. “Navigating a touch-based services business amidst a global pandemic has been challenging to say the least, but it has also strengthened my passion for healing others,” she explains.

She is also passionate about creating and evolving her business and actively seeking new ways of showing up for others by first showing up for herself. She adds that there is tremendous power in saying NO. “As women, we’re conditioned to say yes to everyone. But when we say yes to others, it usually means that we say no to ourselves. So I ask you: what can you say no to so that you can say yes to yourself?”

She would advise new business owners to be brave, make wise investments in yourself, and seek out guidance. Jenelle believes coaches are the best investment you can make in the future of your business. “The coaches I have hired and learned from have propelled my business farther than I ever dreamed possible in such a short amount of time.”

When things are challenging she relies on her community to support, inspire, encourage, and challenge her. “Connecting with one of them, taking a nap, and getting out my planner, I bring myself back to center by mapping out my ideas and goals. Then I eat a popsicle and go to bed early.”

Her ideal client is someone struggling with pain and/or chronic discomfort who feels discouraged. They are ready to invest in true transformation and eager to engage in their healing journey. Usually they feel underserved by traditional massage services, either they feel uncomfortable being naked or being on a table. They are open to a new healing experience and willing to learn new skills to care for their bodies at home. I love to serve those recovering from trauma and those who feel uncomfortable getting a massage because what she offers is different.

Jenelle says joining the MOB was my first step towards believing in herself. “I joined the MOB early in my very tumultuous divorce when I was struggling to believe in myself. Being in a community of moms figuring it all out together and supporting one another changed everything for me. I began to see what was possible and I learned how to begin.”

She also says one of her favorite Alliance benefits is the private MOB Alliance Facebook group.

Jenelle loves working for herself because she is free to follow her passions and evolve her business as her heart and soul also evolve. “I love that my business is an authentic representation of who I am and of everything I love to do.”

Jenelle offers MOB Alliance members 10% off my Empowered Group Coaching program and 10% off massage services.

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