Personal Development Resources for Mom-Owned Businesses

Are you ready to go into the new year strong, confident, and ready to reach your personal and professional goals?

Being a mom while running a business requires a special set of skills, the ability to delegate, and a unique flexibility to get the job(s) done!

If you are a mom business owner looking for extra support from people who get what it is like to juggle running a business and raising a family, then this resource list is for you!

Shattered Glass Leadership – Women’s Leadership Development and Training

The Shattered Glass leadership bootcamp is a virtual experience that gives you a really good understanding of YOUR personality, how you’re showing up based on your circumstances, and you’ll get to dive into diversity/inclusion, and outward leadership. The time will improve your personal and professional relationships.

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Adventure Wednesdays LLC

Play deprivation is just as detrimental to your health as sleep deprivation. As moms, we encourage our kids to play, but we often forget to include the magic of wonder and fun into our own daily life. In the “Find Your Fun” 22 day program, you are encouraged to reconnect to your inner child and discover steps for exploring the power of play. You deserve more joy!

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Lea K. Tawd Art & Reiki

What would it feel like to start 2022 with 8 weeks of truly transformational healing? Join Lea for an 8 Week Reiki Healing Journey.

Each week will include a group Reiki session over zoom, with a specific intention for your healing. These intentions include clearing your energy field, releasing what doesn’t serve you, feeling deeply unconditionally loved, healing your birth trauma, and so much more. Each session is tailored to exactly what you need right now in order to step into your Authentic Self so your goals and dreams with be easier to reach than ever. Also included is a free gift in the mail (mail!!), community connection and additional support from Lea between sessions.

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AstroArtistry – Solar Path Membership

The Solar Path is an Annual Membership Series that asks the questions:

“What am I seeking? What is my purpose? What needs to be illuminated? How can Astrology offer me that next level of guidance?”

If you’re asking any of these questions in life, this session is for you.

This Series includes twelve (12) 90min Astrology Readings over the course of one year, with one 90min Intake Session & Natal Chart Review. We’ll create a plan for YOU based on how The Sun moves thru YOUR chart. Many special bonuses also included. (Sessions start when you book NOT based on the calendar year)

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Live Love Be Sassy Mastermind with Hallie Avolio

The Live Love Be Sassy Mastermind is designed to help you manifest more self-love, self-acceptance, healthy relationships, success and abundance. This sacred container is 6 months of magic including 2 monthly group coaching calls, expert content, exclusive podcasts/audio content, and a deep dive into manifestation, mindset, self-love, and personal development.

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Journey to Influence with Sarah VanHoose

You have goals. Dreams even. And you need to make sure that your finances are supporting you to achieve that dream. Options are endless when you breakthrough limiting beliefs and start organizing your money to work harder for you.

Schedule a free strategy session to talk about goal setting for your business, or your home or audit your current budget to make sure that it’s taking you where you want it to go. You CAN achieve your dreams, you just need to have a solid plan in place to get you there.

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Leadership Coaching for soul-based CEOs with Ange Thompson

Professional Leadership Coaching for soul-based CEOs is the perfect program to help you structure, strategize and run your business free of struggle and from your zone of genius. You will learn all of the tools, skills and strategy necessary to be revered in your role as the leader of your company.

Even if you’re a team of one, you will be admired for streamlining your operation and leading from your soul. Through this unique month-to-month coaching program, you will gain 1-1 access to me as your coach as well as a monthly group roundtable with hotseat coaching!

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Natural Born Rebel with Dr. Melissa Bird

Melissa Bird offers 6 month 1:1 coaching contracts. When you coach with Melissa you will receive tools, guidance, and intuitive advice that creates long lasting shifts in your life and your work.

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The Illuminary Co. with Amanda Suga

Women have been conditioned to think that they need to give up something they love to have something they want. This is a LIE. I believe women, especially moms, can have it ALL in life and business.

Amanda Suga, a former corporate marketer, a mother, entrepreneur, and certified life coach, helps ambitious women manifest a life they love WHILE creating a successful career, without the hustle, struggle. You can have it all, Amanda will show you the way.

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Sessions with Lisa Marie Astrology

Work with Lisa Marie Astrology to help you deepen your understanding of where you are, where you’ve been, where you are headed, and how you’re getting there leveraging your unique strengths and opportunities for growth.

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Think Play Do Live with Mai Lon Brosseau

Happiness Life Coaching. Figure out what you really like to do, and do more of it.

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Adventure Therapy with Ancora Wellness

Healing doesn’t always happen on a therapist’s couch (or in a therapist’s office, for that matter).

Ancora Wellness embraces doing mental health differently- now offering an Adventure Therapy group called ReWild. A 3-mile (ish) hike, combined with mindfulness, tuning into the self, and reflection. Adventure, like therapy, can be a transformative experience. Rain or shine, Ancora Wellness will get you back to your roots.

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Show Up to Go Up with Aria Leighty

Show Up to Go Up is Aria’s signature talk turned game changing program.

Aria walks you through how to build your name, network intentionally, own any room you walk in, and be known as a leader in your industry.

She has spent years mastering the art of networking and building relationships and is sharing my secrets on how she built a national network, attracted dream clients and power partners- plus how she has received over 100 features and mentions. This course combines social media, marketing, sales, networking and even PR with mindset work to help you level up how you are showing up.

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Elements Running Education with Heini Tallent

The mission of Elements Running Education is to inspire and empower women to improve their health, confidence, and sense of achievement through running. Their signature small group program connects you with recreational women runners like you and provides encouragement and support, as you work together on healthy habits, self-care, mindset, and practical running skills. But while they celebrate every mile, what their members get goes far beyond faster times.

Through the Elements Running Education program, women in their 40s, 50s, and 60s have been able to feel stronger, younger, more confident and more capable in all areas of their life.

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Moon Circles with Michelle Lasley

Michelle would like to leave a world her grandkids can be proud of. But, to get to that space – to be proud – we need to do the heart work. Join Michelle for “Moon Circles,” where you get to that heart space together in sacred sisterhood circles.

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Mindset Meetup with Christy Cowgill

This is for you if you read and completely agree with all the “self-help” help in all the latest self-help books, blogs, and videos and …. still struggle pulling it all together for their business.

Calling mom bosses who want to actually retain and use the information in all the self-help books that will help their business grow, prosper, and transform! Christy breaks it down, make it simple, and through your powerful subconscious mind it becomes as easy and fast to create meaningful change in your business NOW! Fear of success, imposter syndrome, lack of motivation… She covers all bases.

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Chaka Coaching with Cathy Gasper

Raise your vibration with Gratitude for your Health, Relationships and finances.

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