The MOB Nation is an alliance of mom-owned businesses dedicated to empowering women who balance both motherhood and business. Through regular networking, support, resources, and encouragement we believe moms can thrive in both endeavors.

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Articles and News Segments: 

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MOB: Mommy Owned Business with Aria Leighty on the PDX Small Business Network Podcast
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Putting Your Big Dreams into Action with Aria Leighty  on Embracing Intensity
Intensely Interested in the World with Gwen Montoya (CMO) on Embracing IntensitySpeaking
Creating a Powerful Vision for Your Business and Family – Aria Leighty at the 2020 MOMentum Summit
Abundance Mindset – Aria’s talk at 2019 Impactful Influence Conference
The Value of Charging Your Worth – Aria’s talk at 2019 Alt Summit
Building Relationships with Ease at Mercy Corps NW – Aria led the talk and was joined by Gwen (CMO), Mori (Director of Membership), and several MOB Alliance members for the panel.


IFundWomen/Caress COVID 19 Grant

EYMA winner 2020, International Mum-Owned Business of the Year

American Express 2018 Neighborhood Champion

Finalist, 2018 Oregon Entrepreneur Network Game Changer Award

Oregon winner, 2017 American Small Business Championships

Quick Facts:

* The MOB NW was founded in 2012 as Facebook group with the goal of connecting moms who were juggling the responsibilities of being a mom with owning a business.

​*The paid level of the MOB, the MOB Alliance, was formed in 2016.

* The open Facebook group has over 11,500 members nationwide.

MOBCON is the annual MOB Nation conference will be held in San Diego 2021.

* In addition to MOBCON, the MOB also hosts virtual quarterly conferences

*The MOBcast Radio podcast launched Spring 2021

* The MOB Alliance (think chamber of commerce for mom-owned businesses) has hundreds of members across the country.

* There are at least 6-8 virtual meetups per month that allow women to connect with each other nationally.

* A typical meetup attracts 20-40 women.

*MOB meetups are kid friendly.


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Board of Directors

Quotes from the Board of Directors:

Aria, President & CEO:

“The MOB is a national movement, changing the face of networking.  Balancing both motherhood and businesses requires a special level of support.  We are more than networking- this is support, education and powerful connection.  The MOB is a way of life.  A verb, adjective and noun all that the same time.  When we say we MOB, we mean it- WE MOB!” 

“Yes, the MOB is a safe space for vulnerability and human connection- but the MOB is still powerful and strong.  We are mothers, we have huge hearts but we get things done.  We rally for each other, we show up, we crush goals.  This group is unlike anything you have ever seen before.”

“The MOB is open to anyone who identifies as a mother and runs any size business.”

“I’m so humbled to witness so many women stand behind such a new idea and help grow us. What has shocked me the most is to see the personal growth in each member. I love watching the close friendships form, the businesses double, and the people grow as both moms and business owners.”

“As moms, that are running our own business, we know it isn’t always glamorous. So we need to be able to come as we are and not worry about putting on a show for others.”

Gwen, COO:

“There is something special about standing in a room full of women who support each other. It is magic.”

“MOB meet ups are so welcoming. I love hearing someone’s reaction after attending their first meet up – they didn’t know networking could be fun and even something they enjoy!”

“We want our members to feel like this is family. It is more than just a business group. It is a way to connect as women, as moms, and as business owners – without having to leave any part of themselves at the door to fit in.”

Quotes from members:

“The MOB has made one of the biggest differences for our (once) small non-profit organization. As we have grown, it’s all been with help of other MOBs. From our largest fundraiser events of the year, to our photographers needing batteries delivered last minute during a photo session, to bringing a dinner when we’ve had a rough day with the kids, there is no community like this one.

Especially the Alliance provides a sense of community and empowerment that this motherhood and business owner adventure CAN be done! And you will rock it!” – Halsey, Capes & Crowns Foundation

“Most of the confidence I have in myself and my business comes from knowing that I have this organization at my back. I don’t mean it lightly when I say that I would not be as effective in my business if I didn’t know these women and have access to this incredible support network.” – Julia, Etc. Eatery

“It’s women supporting, empowering and cheering each other in a way that hasn’t been done before. AND they keep raising the bar, going above and beyond. I’m so inspired by these women and grateful for what Aria has built!” – Marci Pelletier, SHWOP

“You WILL not find a dry meetup with women in powersuits trading business cards(not that those don’t have a place!). What you will find is moms with smiles on their faces, holding each other’s kiddos, sometimes in sweats, sometimes in suits, hugs, and real support.” – Rayah, Pocket of Sparrows

“I’ve learned so much already and the positive impact these women have made in my life, professionally and personally, is immeasurable. This is an amazing group of powerful women and I am proud to be a member!” – Abby Ismath, Abby’s Massage

“The MOB is so welcoming, loving, supportive, and down right amazing. Best decision I ever made was becoming one of that tribe.” – Adrien, Freckled & Free

“As a single mom and business owner, the MOB has helped me in ways that I could never have imagined. They say it takes a village to raise a child. It also takes a village to grow and sustain small business. The MOB has been my village for both. I’ve learned to be brave. I’ve learned to believe in myself. And I’ve learned to lead by example, just like the leaders in the MOB do. My business has grown, I have grown.. From professional development talks to an unmatched desire and commitment to see each other succeed.. The MOB far exceeds a networking group. It’s community. It’s family. I owe so much to the MOB!” – Sarah Akey, Sarah’s Sweet Treats

“The MOB has totally changed my life, my circle, and my business. ” – Michelle, Living Well with Michelle