Roya Dedeaux, MOB Maker of the Month

Each month the MOB Nation collaborates with a different MOB Alliance maker. The featured maker is asked to share a piece that shows what the MOB means to them. Their creations are sold as pre-orders and fulfilled after the pre-order period ends. Go here to order Roya Dedeaux’s MOB earrings.
“I am an exuberant maker, player, and do-er of all the things! I am a grown homeschooler, and homeschooling mom who always knew I would run my own business. I now own two – one as a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, and one as a jewelry designer and event planner. I recently published my first book, Connect with Courage, along with several self-published journals for parents and business owners. I love all heritage arts – crocheting, gardening, knitting, food preservation…all of it,” says Roya Dedeaux, founder of Royaboya Handmade.

Roya discovered the arts through an interest in heritage crafts including quilting, knitting, and sewing. She loved making utilitarian items beautiful.
She says “ I love to get lost in the tiny details of stitches and fiber. I also was always an intense kid and used a lot of expressive arts as outlets growing up – I have kept journals and have done collage and mixed media since I was a very young kid. I use expressive arts in my therapy practice, and get to fine tune my clay and crochet art through making earrings and other jewelry!”The mentors Roya looks up to have all shared the trait of being unapologetically “extra.” “They dedicated their lives intensely and fully to their art forms – whether it was ceramics or Shakespeare – and become experts in what they did. They lived, breathed, ate, and drank their passions. They were bright, out-loud, and unabashedly interested,” she explains.
When things get challenging Roya focuses on her connecting with others.

“Running several businesses, which each have a variety of directions, is definitely a full-life job. I love that I do so many different things, so when one direction is challenging, I can turn to another direction and keep making progress there. But it’s most helpful when I can do that while connecting with people. I love to see customers wearing my art jewelry, and hearing the connections they make (“those were my Grandmother’s favorite flowers,” or “that reminds me of the beach I used to go when I was little.”) I love to support other small businesses through the Royaboya Handmade Bazaars. I love to watch the kids grow in their confidence as they get the training of the Youth Entrepreneur Program. I love working with clients, speaking at conferences, and running workshops.”

​​She would advise her younger self to keep going, be consistent and keep a bigger picture perspective instead of expecting a quick success. “Think about what your next three years will be like. Visualize your ideal life and work backwards. Don’t apologize for doing “all the things,” love that about yourself, drink your coffee, and keep going. Be playful – explore, be curious, be optimistic, and creative,” she says.

When asked what impact the MOB has had on her business, Roya shares that her Royaboya Handmade Bazaar has grown 4000% in one year. “I love that I have a real number to back up my personal, anecdotal experiences. The MOB has given me a place to voice my triumphs and trials. It’s given me a group of people who support me, give me ideas, challenge me, and educate me. The amount of information I have learned from the MOB conferences, Meetups, and other talks is not quantifiable. I have implemented whole new systems that have saved me time and money. I have made connections with other business owners that have increased collaborations and sales. It has also had a huge impact on my mindset. It helped me take Royaboya Handmade from a hobby to a business, and gave me the tools to help support other small businesses as well,” she says.
Her favorite MOB Alliance benefit is access to the private MOB Alliance community group. Roya shares her experience this way “It’s an incredible community of women who share purpose and commitment to their goals. It’s the place where I ask for help. It’s the place I spend the most time online. It’s the place I feel understood. I also love getting access to the Mini-Cons. It’s so much education and information each time!”

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