Ruth McCabe, Artist of the Month

Each month the MOB Nation collaborates with a different MOB Alliance artist. The featured artist is asked to share a piece that shows what the MOB means to them. This art piece is placed on limited edition mugs in the MOB Shop that are only available during the month they are featured. Go here to see Ruth McCabe’s art mug.

April’s artist of the month, Ruth McCabe, came to creating art later in life. She was able to use art as a way to channel fear, frustration, and helplessness while her family dealt with a major mental health crisis.

“I needed something that I could pick up (or put down) at a moment’s notice. It turns out, doodling was good for that,” she explains.

Ruth retired from her job at the end of 2020 and is using her new free time to pursue her creative dreams. She says she would tell her younger self to keep putting one foot in front of the other, just keep moving, tell the story of where you are because someone else needs to hear it. It gets better.

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Ruth says being a part of the MOB Alliance has pushed to further than she would have been able to go on her own.

“I have always been a ‘I’ll do it myself’ kind of person. One of the things that the MOB has brought to me is a group of trustworthy women who have demonstrated showing up for me. I didn’t even know I needed that,” she says.

She also says she loves the virtual Meetups! “I’m an extroverted introvert in a rural-ish area and in-person meetups were unappealing to me. Getting up, showered, dressed, then driving an hour or more? I was likely to just stay home. But the virtual meetings have been a blast! Ladies from all over the country in my studio while I drink coffee in my PJs,” she explains.

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When things are challenging Ruth says she remembers that whatever is happening will not last forever – both the good and the less good.

Ruth and her husband, Bob, live 45 minutes outside Portland, Oregon, enjoy traveling with their travel trailer, and have six kids they refer to as their “blender-family.”

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She creates art using pen and paper, wood, leather, cork, engravings, and one-of-a-kind custom art.

Order Ruth’s art mug here.

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