Self Care Resources for Busy Moms

At this point, we know that self care isn’t just taking a shower or getting an extra twenty minutes of sleep in the morning.

Self care needs to be a deliberate choice you make for yourself. For some, self care might be getting their nails done. For someone else, self care is booking a solo weekend retreat at their favorite vacation spot.

We know that for busy moms, self care comes in all shapes and sizes, so we’ve rounded up more than fifteen resources to inspire you on your own self care journey!

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Understand How Your Home Influences You

Cozy window seat with books, blankets, and a croissant.

Home Functionality Coaching with Kristina Browning

Did you know that one of the most wonderful things you can do for yourself is to live in a space that encourages the version of yourself that you want to become?

Research shows that the creative process in us all is basically the same: generating ideas, evaluating them and executing them, with many creative sparks over time.

One of the best gifts you can give yourself is pinpointing the activity that you crave or love, and then go about setting up a space in your home to support that.

Your house is more than a bed and bathroom count, it’s the framework for your life and being thoughtful about how it functions is a great act of self-care so that every day is just that much more fulfilling.

Learn more here about working with Kristina

Take Control of Your Finances

Money coaching from Colleen Salchow

Learning how to confidently fund future goals is an empowering and healthy habit. Clients learn how to create unique monthly budgets that are designed as a map for their money.

Life is unpredictable, and when individuals know where their money is they are better prepared to handle unexpected expenses. Studies have shown that budgeting reduces stress and anxiety, and therefore learning how to track everyday purchases is a form of self care.

Learn more about working with Salchow Coaching

Rejuvenate Your Spirit with a Lunar Bath Ritual

Bath Ritual Kits from Healistic Reserve

These Lunar Bath Rituals are all about alignment. Alignment between your Body, Mind, and Spirit. Alignment with your Highest Self. Alignment with all that you are manifesting into your life. Alignment with the energies of the moon and astrology.

Everything you need for your luxurious, ritualistic Self-care is included – from the intentional bath products, nontoxic candle, Ritual Rundown and Reiki-infused guided meditations, to the altar supports (like relevant crystals, affirmation cards, and botanical spell jars).

Learn more about Healistic Reserve’s Lunar Bath Rituals here

Get the Sleep You Deserve

Sleep consulting from Sleeper Teachers

The Sleeper Teachers are group of sleep consultants based around the US who know that sleep is the ultimate form of self-care. They love supporting exhausted families all over the world to teach the skill of sleep so everyone in the family gets the rest they need.

Through individualized sleep plans and one-on-one support, the Sleeper Teachers pride themselves on high touch sleep support to help families reach their sleep goals as quickly and low stress as possible.

Learn more about Sleeper Teachers and their services.

Improve Your Mood

Hydrosols from Garden Delights Herb Farm

These hydrosols are steam distilled from our naturally grown herbs, in small batches with love and care, on our farm in southwest Washington.

From lush rose, to gently energizing spearmint, calming lemon balm, soothing calendula, and grounding holy basil – use them in a variety of ways in your self-care routine.

Soothing skin, easing tension and stress, and setting up your space with the just-right scent.

Learn more about Garden Delights Farm hydrosols

Manage Your Stress

Sound Foundations course from Your Whole Voice

If you want to be able to change your state, manage your stress, reduce your anxiety, or even give yourself an energy boost – in as little as 30 seconds – the Sound Foundations online course is the place to start.

Using simply the power of your own breath and/or voice Judith’s introductory course takes you through simple, quick, and powerful exercises as she shares the core exercises that are the foundation of all her work.

If you think you don’t have time – the course is only 75 minutes of video sessions in total and delivered in bite-sized sessions of only 5 – 18 minutes.

Learn more about the Sound Foundations Course

Upgrade Your Support

Bra Fittings with Independent Fit Stylist, Jessica Sneed

One of the most overlooked acts of self-care is being properly fitted for a bra. Most women are wearing the wrong size, causing years of discomfort and annoyance. There is a better way!

Jessica’s clients refer to her as their bra coach, bra concierge and breast friend. Her unique and fun method of fittings will leave you smiling and a bra that finally feels comfortable and supportive will leave you feeling confident. Book your virtual fitting today (keep your shirt on)! Jessica’s shop carries a variety of bra styles in sizes ranging from 30B/32A to 40K/44J.

Learn more about bra fittings with Jessica

Grow Your Team

Grow your team with Rae of Light Concepts & Staffing

Rae of Light is a virtual operations and staffing company that provides leadership consulting, operations management, and team development services.

This company frees owners by staffing virtual teams. That’s really just the tip of the iceberg of what they can do. They have the ability to help owners with a team of 1 who are new to virtual teams or teams of 10 who need a bit of TLC. The best way to get started is to speak with them.

Spend 15 minutes expressing your desires with a company that will make you feel heard and provide amazing solutions.

Learn more about Rae of Light business solutions

Uplevel Your Self Care Practices

Guided Bodywork from Jenelle Woodlief, Transformational Bodywork

Transform Your self-care is self-guided journey to healing pain, transcending trauma, and stepping into the best version of you.

Are you:

Tired of the same pain, tension and recurring injuries?

Working hard to heal from trauma but finding something is missing?

Do you feel disconnected from your body?

If you are ready to move far beyond depletion and pain, you are in the right place.

You will find everything you need to begin your healing journey and up-level your self-care practices, including:

Simple activities, like journal prompts, meditations, scripts, and self-bodywork

A Spotify playlist

Printable affirmation cards

Learn more about Transform Your Self Care from Jenelle Woodlief, Transformational Bodywork

Create a Spa Experience at Home

The Rejuvenate Deluxe Spa Gift Collection, including a luxury neck wrap, rose quartz roller, bath salts, and soap, was curated with relaxation in mind. Relax, enjoy the quiet and take a moment to indulge in a little self care.

Learn more about Spruce Supply Co’s Rejuvenate Deluxe Spa Gift Collection

Lessen Stress and Tension

Reiki from Ange Thompson

Reiki is a powerful source of energetic healing that can be applied in person or at a distance. It is used for stress reduction and relaxation and promotes healing. Reiki is intuitive and works to heal for the highest good of the client and the highest good in the world.

This can be sent to a person or sent directly to your business. All that is required is to be open to receiving Reiki energy and the benefits will continue, even after the appointment ends. It is an incredible self-care practice that is certain to remove stress and tension from your life!

Learn more about receiving Reiki from Ange Thompson

Reconnect with Your Intuition

Heart of the Warrior Masterclass with Dr. Melissa Bird

We are craving soul care. Deep, collective connection to heart and intuition.

The Heart of the Warrior masterclass will teach you strength of spirit and hardcore self connection. You will learn bravery, self compassion and self love, and how flourishing and thriving comes from forgiveness of self and others.

Week 1: How to return, recreate, reinvent, and reimagine how you show up in the world
Week 2: The great healing of compassion and how to have sympathy and empathy towards yourself and others
Week 3: The 5 keys components of inspired affection to self
Week 4: The 5 components of courage and how to step into the unknown

Learn more about the Heart of the Warrior Masterclass

Take Time to Care for Yourself

Organic skincare from Ishq

Rotating your skincare with the seasons is the best way to nourish your skin.

Tamanna, Ishq’s Organic Turmeric Moisturizer is rich in just the right amount of minerals & vitamins to sustainably hydrate your dry skin this winter.

Learn more about Ishq Skincare products

Learn More About How Your Brain Processes Information

Neurofeedback from Beaverton Neurofeedback

Did you know that Highly sensitive people (HSPs) are thought to make up roughly 15% to 20% of the population?

By practicing mindfulness and meditation, HSPs can process and recover from what they take in. Try to do a “body scan” by lying down, then paying attention to your energy from the feet up.

A highly sensitive nervous system can benefit from neurofeedback training, which measures a person’s brain waves and provides them with a feedback signal to help the brain function more efficiently. With neurofeedback training, HSPs can feel calm and regulated in response to overwhelming stimuli.

Learn more about neurofeedback

Spread the love

Handcrafted Soap Gift Sets from Sacred Roots Soap Co.

These sets are a great way to say “Thank You” as a welcome home gift for a couple that just purchased a new home or as a “I’m thinking of you!” gift to celebrate parents for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day… or any other time of the year.

With your choice of 12 different scents; each set comes with 2 handcrafted bars of soap, a boardwalk soap dish and a sisal natural-fiber soap saver bag that help keep bars lasting longer.

Learn more about Sacred Roots Soap Co. Gift Sets

Improve Your Overall Wellbeing

Abdominal Massage with Karen Asbury, LMT

The experiences of recent years impact our health, especially in our abdomen.  Karen offers abdominal and customized treatments and teaches her clients empowering self-care techniques to release tension and find balance and calm, while supporting vibrant health of the digestive and reproductive systems.

Karen also has specialized training in bodywork for pregnancy.

Ready to feel better in body, mind and spirit?

Learn more about Karen’s offerings

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