Tori Daw, Artist of the Month

Each month the MOB Nation collaborates with a different MOB Alliance artist. The featured artist is asked to share a piece that shows what the MOB means to them. This art piece is placed on limited edition mugs in the MOB Shop that are only available during the month they are featured. 
June’s featured MOB artist Tori Daw, owner of Healistic Reserve, describes herself as a heart-centered creative who sees and appreciates art in many forms.

Tori sees art as encompassing many roles in her life. Before leaving the industry to stay home with her autistic son, she was a cosmetologist for seven years. Her business, Healistic Reserve, is her way of expressing the art of mindfulness, moon rituals, and intentional rest.

​“I also love singing and dancing, writing, drawing and painting, sculpting, interior decorating, mothering (because there is an undeniable art to it!), and even cooking,” she explains.

Her recent artworks are fueled by meditation and deep introspection. Meditation-led painting and journaling are what fueled her Healistic Affirmations deck, and an intuitively chosen card from the deck is placed in every Lunar Bath Ritual Collection.

Tori says she has always been an artist to some extent, but with COVID slowing things down, she was able to freely and fully immerse myself in my art as a tool for immense healing.

​She says Brain spotting therapy sessions with Kim Ludeman fostered major breakthroughs in her healing and ability to trust myself in her art. Tori also says “I am always in awe of and inspired by women who show up authentically and fearlessly. They just vibrate on a higher level.”
When things are challenging, Tori says knowing everything she needs is already within her helps. “Whether that means motivation, inspiration, or compassion. It allows me to trust in the ebbs and flows of life,” she explains.

She would advise her younger self to “Trust your unique voice and expression. Its value is found in your authenticity.”

When asked about the impact being a part of the MOB Alliance has had on her she says “The MOB has empowered me to look past the “Stay at Home Mom with a Cute Little Side Hustle” trope and take my business and the excitement I have for it seriously. It has connected me with like-minded business people who also understand what it means to be a mom.”
Tori says her favorite Alliance benefit is attending MOB networking events at no cost and receiving discounted tickets for MOBCON and MOBCON Minis. “Not only do they provide invaluable education through speakers, but that is where the connections are made. And they are truly meaningful connections. Collaborations are amazing, and the friendships are irreplaceable.”Connect with Tori Daw online:
Tiktok: @healisticreserve

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